D&E Day 42

I hope the weather cooperates with us this week. Our days have been plagued by rain since the first week, and I’d like our final week to go off without any hindrance.

I just saw the weather. It’s going to be rainy/snowy this week and sunny/60 my first week back at work. What’s up with that?


Last night, I tried to go back and look at the pictures from Day 1, just to see how E has changed since we started, but the pictures were gone. I don’t know where they went, but someone or something had picked random posts and removed the pictures. Where did they go? I don’t know. Thoughts? I had yet to solve the mystery, when A called me back to E’s room.


So wonderfully inappropriate. Thank you, J-o, for the excellent onesie from Flying Dog Brewery!

Back to today:

E watched me eat breakfast this morning.


Honestly, it was a little creepy. He just sat there, in the dark, looking at me and laughing. Then, I had to briefly move to another room, and he looked so lonely while I was gone.


In the last hour, I’ve changed his diaper twice and his bib…errr cape four times. He’s been quite drooly this morning and he’s spit up a few times. Now he’s sleeping and I’m, yet again, watching the World Baseball Classic. This morning, it’s Korea vs. Chinese Taipei.

E seems pretty restless this morning.

That was a short nap.


He’s hungry. We’ll be back!

Wow. When I typed that last line, I didn’t think it would be 8 hours until we were back, but here we are! After E had his morning bottle, we took a trip to my office. We had one final visit before I have to go back. We left my office and went by Deep Groove and Steady Sounds. While we were making the record store rounds, E picked out the new Youth Lagoon album, Wondrous Bughouse.


Then, he tried to eat it.


Unfortunately, I didn’t keep an eye on the time while we were out. E was just having so much fun smiling at people! He smiled at everyone in my office, J at the record store, Ms. C (later in the day) and Rodie too!

We rushed home for lunch. I managed to get both of us fed in 30 minutes, not bad. I had to go to a meeting at work, so I dropped E off with Ms. C and I headed back to work. After my meeting, I went back to pick E up and I found E and Ms. C outside watching the birds. E loves animals, and this pleases A and me. E tried to tell me all about it, at least I think that’s what he was talking about. Ms. C told me that they talked to the dogs, read some books, and played too! They always seem to have fun together!


This isn’t related to our day, but I found it interesting. I was sitting here typing with the news on, and Rodie walked by as they were doing a story about a puppy being mistreated. He stopped, turned to look directly at the TV, turned his head back and forth as if he was listening, and then he walked away in disgust. Dogs are interesting animals.

Anyway, on our way home from Ms. C’s house, we went by Goodwill. Before the sun came up this morning, I loaded up the back of my car with all sorts of things that needed to go away to make way for our room repurposing project.


We made a quick stop by the grocery store to get a couple of things for dinner tonight and now we’re home. It’s a good place to be after a busy day!

It’s so late now that it looks like E and I are going to share bottle time tonight!

Tonight’s Bottle: Uinta Brewing Co. Hop Notch IPA


This is another one that I’ve never had before. My long-time friend, J-o, who is a beer person too suggested this brewery to me. Not only did she suggest them because they’re good, but also because of their environmentally friendly practices, like powering their brewery entirely with wind and solar power. That’s definitely something I can support!

A Final Thought: Today, E proved that smiles are contagious. Everywhere that he went, he smiled at everyone. And really, when E smiles at you, how can you not smile too?


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