D&E Day 41

The end is near. That sounds pretty ominous, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it is. Though I’m certain our adventures will continue for years and years to come, for now, this is our last week of daily adventures. Starting Monday, I’m back to work. We’re going to spend our week doing some old favorites and trying some new things too! Before we go any further –

Weekend Recap:

This might be challenging. For some reason, I’m struggling to remember the weekend. Here goes nothing.

Friday night, was pretty status quo, so nothing to report there. E, A, and I listened to the Washington Nationals game and relaxed for a little bit before dinner and falling asleep on the couch. Well, A and I did, E actually made it to bed.

Saturday, E wanted to get up at 5:30. That was quite nice of him. He and I decided that A should sleep in, so we got up and closed the door behind us. I turned on the World Baseball Classic, I think it was Japan vs. Brazil, and E fell asleep. This is exciting stuff, I know. We went and ran our usual Saturday errands, and then E and A went to get A a haircut, her first since we knew E was on his way and then some. I stayed home. What did I do? I listened to another Nationals game and took a nap. It was perfect. That night, J came over for dinner. I made butternut squash soup, using a pumpkin soup recipe, J brought cupcakes from Carytown Cupcakes, and it was awesome. I can’t find the recipe, but it came from Vegetarian Living magazine, my favorite food magazine. I want to add that E and I both think A’s new haircut looks excellent.

Sunday started the same way, but around lunchtime, I went off for baseball practice. Yes, baseball practice. I played for 10 years, or so, and then just stopped. Now, I want to play again. So, I’m going to play on a team in an 18+ league here in town. I must say, I’m stiff and sore, but I think the old man still has it. We’ll see. When I got home, I found that E and A had made me lunch since I didn’t get to eat before I left. Shortly after I got home, Grandma came over for a visit and A and I started phase 1 of doing our taxes and we started in on our upstairs repurposing project.


That brings us back to today, Monday, day 41.

Oh! Here are a few pictures from the weekend. We didn’t do a “photo shoot,” per se, but we did take come pictures.

DSC_0405 DSC_0462 DSC_0450 DSC_0499 DSC_0433

Where were we?

This morning, E helped me get him dressed for the day. Clearly, he’s confused.


Without fail, as soon as we got that sock off of his head and onto his foot, he had one of his famous blowouts. Swell. Now, I’m watching another World Baseball Classic game, Australia vs. Korea, and E is asleep in his swing. The sun is creeping in, so who knows how much longer we have?

The answer: not long. E woke up, right on cue, and demanded to be fed. I obliged. Not long after he ate, Grandma came to spend the day with him. I headed off to work to get my new workspace in order before I return for real on Monday.

Based on the intelligence I received, E, Rodie, and Grandma had quite the day. It seems that Rodie staged a coup, E ran away from home, and instead of going after E, Grandma just started cracking open my beers. It sounds like I missed a good time.

Today wasn’t very adventurous at all, was it? I guess everyone needs a relaxing day from time to time.

Oh, I know! We all went to Whole Foods to get E some more laundry detergent. If that’s not extreme, I don’t know what is.

That’s about it. If we ventured out to get detergent today, who knows where tomorrow will take us!

Tonight’s Bottle: Stone Levitation Ale.


I really just wanted something light and flavorful to assist me in this post. I made a good choice. You really can’t go wrong with anything from Stone, but this is, by far, their lightest offering.

A Final Thought: 4 more days…


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