D&E Day 40

I’ll give $5.00 to the person that can find the remote that came with the television. Seriously. I know this makes me sound lazy, but I fell asleep last night watching streaming Netflix, and I like having the news on in the morning. These 2 things are on different inputs. Of course, I’ve already plopped down on the couch, and I don’t want to get up to go to the television to switch the inputs. We’ve dropped the Verizon remote so many times that some of the buttons don’t work. One of those buttons just happens to be the one that switches inputs. I don’t know where the other remote is. I haven’t seen it in weeks. I assume the dog hid it back when he was acting out as a result of E’s arrival, but as we all know dogs aren’t the best at remembering things. This little rant really makes me sound lazy. I’m really not that lazy.

Today is Friday, day 40. Last night, E got his first cut.


It was a paper cut. What caused E’s first cut? His excitement about reading! E and A were reading a book, and he got so excited that he started flailing. At some point, while he was convulsing with glee, E  knicked the edge of a page. It must be so hard to get so excited and to have no control over one’s limbs. Anyway, he handled it pretty well. I hope he takes it just as well when we wash it this afternoon.

He is a sleepy boy this morning. I was walking him back to his room to get him dressed for the day, and he fell asleep. I decided not to wake him up, so he’s sleeping in his little chair instead of his swing today. Unfortunately, that means that I’m stuck in the living room. E doesn’t sleep as soundly when he’s in his chair. Though, as I admitted yesterday, i would have been in the living room anyway.

I must have typed too loudly because E is awake. He was asleep for a grand total of 20 minutes. I’m going to have to go out of my way later to get him to sleep. If I don’t, it won’t be pretty.

He’s just sitting in his chair playing with his blanket.



I got E up, changed, and dressed for the day before making his bottle.



He’s been looking good in his new stripes all week, hasn’t he? I put on the new David Bowie album, The Next Dayand E had his bottle.

After his bottle, E, Rodie, and I piled into the car. The first stop on out itinerary was to drop the dog off for a bath.



He smelled terrible.

After we dropped Rodie off, E and I headed downtown to The National.



E thought we should go by the box office to get tickets to see, the band, The National at, the venue, The National. He’s such a smart boy, but he’s not going to get to go.

We made a quick stop at Ellwood Thompson’s, where E spit up on me. I got E cleaned up, got my salad and vegan bbq, and we headed home. E had a swing at the front door while I ate. He likes to watch the suburban wildlife in its natural habitat. He giggles at the squirrels and their ridiculous tails.



After I ate, E ate. He tried to eat the camera, my phone, after he finished his bottle.



After lunch, E and I went to pick Rodie up. He smelled much better, and he got his nails done too!

We took Rodie back to the house, and we went out to run more errands. E and I were busy today. By the way, before I forget, let’s just say that I was wrong earlier. Getting E to sleep this afternoon was as easy as putting him in the car. He slept through our trip to Target, Deep Groove, and Total Wine. Impressive. We got home, and still no change. This is how E ended his day:

Turn the volume all the way up. It’s a little dark, but, really, you just need to hear it to get the point.

Also, before I forget (that’s twice in this post – I must have been feeling forgetful today), think twice before you get gas at a gas station that’s right next to a Krispy Kreme. I managed to get out of there sans doughnuts, but man that was difficult. Sorry E, A, and Rodie, there won’t be any doughnuts tonight.

E woke up just before A got home, and he’s eating right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if storytime was in E’s future tonight.

Until Monday!

Tonight’s Bottle: Center of the Universe Brewing Company Ray Ray’s Pale Ale.



I feel confident that this will be a good way to end Day 40. I’ve never had this one, so I don’t know for sure. Though, I have a good feeling about this one.

A Final Thought: Yesterday, was the first day, in 40 days, that I didn’t get a shower. I did pretty good.


One response to “D&E Day 40

  1. It breaks my heart about his paper cut…reading a book, no less! Hope that does’t dampen his enthusiasm! 40 days, David…something biblical there! You done good!

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