D&E Day 37

It’s raining…again. My days, before I have to return to work, are numbered, and I want some more outside time with E. It’s not going to happen today. Perhaps tomorrow? We’ll see. E and A woke up before I did today. I don’t know what they did, but somehow A managed to get E taken care of and then into the big bed without me noticing. I rolled over, and this is what I found:


We haven’t done too much this morning. E woke up at 4:00 looking to be fed. Since then, he’s napped, he’s eaten, and, of course, he’s had his morning workout.

Don’t you like his new green stripes? He wanted to show them off.


Look how long that boy is!

Now with pants:


E took a very brief nap and woke up very hungry. His nap was brief either because he was hungry, or because the damn swing isn’t working again. Here’s my opportunity. I’m not going to blow it this time. I hit the swing like The Fonz popping open a locker or jumpstarting a jukebox, and it still didn’t work, but I got a do over on my reference either way! I’m just going to assume he was hungry and that’s what woke him up. I’ll deal with the swing later.

E and I jumped in the car and headed downtown to the record stores. We went by both Deep Groove and Steady Sounds today.



After the record stores, E had his first trip to Home Depot.


Why are E and I at Home Depot? We’re looking for a new outdoor light fixture. One of the issues the electrician addressed while he was here yesterday was our poorly functioning light fixture. Sometimes it comes on all the way, sometimes it doesn’t come on, and sometimes it comes on a little and just flickers. He cited a bad fixture and a poor attempt at repairing the whole thing at some point in the past as the problem. E and I are clueless. We emailed A for her input, but we had left the store before she got back to us.

After Home Depot, E and I headed to Whole Foods. I was craving a particular item while we were out and about, so I went and got it.

When we got home, E was REALLY hungry. I got us both fed, and E has since passed out on his play mat listening to the Washington Nationals take on the Atlanta Braves.


When E woke up from his sprawling nap, we hopped in the car, braved the elements, and we went to Lowe’s.


E had his first and second trips to home improvement stores in one day. That’s crazy! I hope this will lead to him being more of a handyman than I am. When we turned into the neighborhood, we noticed that we recognized the car in front of us. It was A! We followed her home, ran inside with our new light fixture, and got E set up for dinner #1. Oh! I almost forgot. We slipped some tummy time in before E’s dinner # 1.

Tonight is bath night, and I think we might have a visitor tomorrow!

Tonight’s Bottle: Three Floyds Robert the Bruce.


This is one of the many beers that made the journey from Indiana to Virginia. This is not my favorite of the bunch. While it’s good, I do prefer beer with more  hops. Scottish-Style Ales, generally, will focus more on the malts than the hops.

A Final Thought: In my head it sounds bad, it may not be, but I think I need a break. I think I have had an E overdose in the last few days.


4 responses to “D&E Day 37

  1. Of course you need a break! Everyone does from time to time. Never fear! Help (Grandma) is on the way…with lunch AND dinner!!! Can’t wait!

  2. I think everyone needs a little time away sometimes. I get stir crazy myself when I stay at home too much and don’t give myself a break now and then. Even if it takes letting him hang out with mama or nana for awhile, you should take a little time to yourself every few days to get out and at least take a walk or do something fun on your own. John does that for me here and there, there are days where I just need to go out for a walk, or take a nap or both. I do the same for him, so both of us don’t end up in the same boat. I hope that makes sense.

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