D&E Day 36

I want to apologize to anyone that was upset over my decision to use A.C. Slater as my reference in D&E Day 35 instead of his even cooler predecessor, The Fonz. While I appreciate Happy Daysit was before my time. Saved by the Bell is something that I watched, probably a little too often when I was younger, and even in reruns if it’s on TV today. Anyway, Sunday, Monday…

You get the idea.

How did we get to 10:00? It was just 6:00. Crazy. Nothing has happened this morning, so I’m just going to jump to:

Weekend Recap:

This picture sums up Saturday morning and afternoon.


Saturday evening, I went to help my mom’s friend, A, move into her new apartment, and E and A stayed at home and, I assume, had a big party? I don’t know.


All of that arrived on Saturday too. Thanks to my cousin B, our newest Virginian, A, and her traveling companion, K, for getting all of those goodies from Indiana to Virginia for me!

Sunday was very sore, but productive…sort of. E, A, and I went out to get E some new clothes. Why did we need new clothes? E is huge. I can’t count the number of clothes he’ll never wear because he has already outgrown them. I could write a book about this, but I won’t make you all suffer.

Sunday afternoon, E and I went to visit Grandma at her friend, A’s, house. There were so many people there and E got so excited that E spit up on the floor.

Sunday afternoon, we did E’s photo shoot for whatever week we’re on now. Here are a few outtakes, I’ll have to post the good ones later.


DSC_0426 DSC_0423

Last night we all went for a walk before E’s bath.

DSC_0433 DSC_0435

We put E to bed and that was that.

Now, E and I are playing on the play mat, waiting for our turn in the Verizon online chat queue.


Our set top box has been resetting over and over again, and besides being disruptive if we’re watching television, something about the sound of it shutting off terrifies the dog and causes him to come and cower next to us.

E and I are also waiting for an electrician, but that’s another set of problems entirely.

E is dozing off and trying to smile at me at the same time. I’m going to try to get a picture, but I don’t know that I’ll be able to.

I wasn’t able to.

Perhaps a little music will help? Today, we’ll try Youth Lagoon‘s new album, Wondrous Bughouse. It’s streaming over at NPR First Listen.

I got my picture, but that woke him up.


He really does need to nap. Both days this weekend he demonstrated how fussy he can get if he doesn’t get his, at least, two naps a day.

Once again, music has soothed the savage beast.


After lunch, we played on the couch some. E thought it was great!


E also spent some time working on holding his head up.


He really is doing a good job with that. The electrician showed up, and E slept the whole time he was here.


Slept with the Orioles vs. Yankees game on in the background that is.


E woke up and we went outside. We noticed these in the yard:


We hope that this is a sign of warmer things to come. Fingers crossed.

E and I stopped by my office for a few minutes to say hello to everyone, and then we went by our community garden plot. E helped my knock down some old hops vines.


Hopefully, they’ll come back this year so E and I can get brewing!

While we were at the garden, A called and said she was on her way home. E was starting to show signs of hunger, so we headed home.

Another super busy Monday. I’m sorry for being so brief today, but between work and keeping the house from falling apart today there wasn’t much time left to write.

We’ll be back tomorrow.

Tonight’s Bottle: Uinta Wyld Extra Pale Ale


Yet another one I’ve never had before. I had a sip of it. It’s good, but it’s very light and not terribly flavorful. Perhaps it will be better with some food.

A Final Thought: I wish I knew more about electrical stuff. If I did, A. I wouldn’t have to call someone to come and fix stuff, and B. I would know if someone was trying to take advantage of my ignorance. Only I wouldn’t be ignorant because I would know. You get the idea.


4 responses to “D&E Day 36

  1. I hear ya about the new clothes. We are having to get almost all new things ourselves. Things that fit my son a week or two ago don’t have a prayer of fitting anymore.Sometimes I wonder if they put miracle grow in the formula.

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