D&E Day 35

Why does it always seem that the dog is barking to go out and E is crying like the world is ending, usually because he’s hungry or tired, at the same time, while I’m in the middle of something? It’s like they plan it. It seems too well-planned to be a coincidence every time.


It looks like we’re looking at something, but we aren’t. We’re just posing. I’m sorry I don’t have an extreme story to go with this picture, but, alas, I don’t. E was hanging out with his bugs this morning, but what he seemed to find even more entertaining was watching Rodie walk back and forth.


They were keeping an eye on each other this morning. I don’t know what was going on.


However, it seems like we’re getting closer and closer to nap time. Do you know how I can tell?


Burrowing. E likes to burrow when he gets tired. So, nap time it is.

I don’t think the swing was actually having battery problems. I think it’s broken. I put new batteries in it yesterday, but it can’t keep the swing going for some reason.

I hit it, a la A.C. Slater, and it started going again. Sort of.

It’s slowing down again. Dammit. I just need E to get an hour nap in. If he doesn’t get at least an hour, I find the afternoon is fussier than if he had. As we learned yesterday, if the swing stops E wakes up. My fingers are crossed.

I don’t know how many more times E is going to let me mess with his swing without waking up. I gave it one more A.C. Slater-esque smack, and it’s been going pretty good ever since. Knock on wood. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Saved By the Bell, and my A.C. Slater reference:

I couldn’t find a video of him popping open a locker or getting a jukebox to spin a record, but I did find this .gif of him kicking in a door.


I think I made my point. In case you were wondering I found this file while searching on Google. It appears to have come from a site called uproxx.com. Yes, that’s my attempt at a citation.

The swing is still going, but I made the mistake of watching the Today Show again this morning. As soon as Flo Rida started his performance, E woke up. I’m going to assume this is because he found Flo Rida to be irritating, not because he enjoyed it.

After breakfast # 2, or lunch # 1, whatever you want to call it, E and I went upstairs. We put on, The Suburbs, by Arcade Fire and got to playing! Rodie came too.


E showed me his best Sally O’ Malley.

He likes to kick!


and stretch!


and kick!


However, E’s closer to 50 days old than 50 years old.

I got down on the mat to play with E, and he grabbed my hair with one hand and my nose, one finger in each nostril, with the other. I hope he learns to control those raptor hands of his soon.

Since E was on the floor and he already seemed a little fussy, I decided we should go ahead and do some tummy time.


Needless to say, E wasn’t happy about it. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him get that upset about tummy time. Rodie must have agreed because when we were done, he came over and gave E some kisses.

Around 11:00, E and I went for a drive and a quick stop at the grocery store. It’s now 1:00 and he’s still asleep. All of that kicking, stretching, and tummy time must have worn him out. He’s going to, no doubt, wake up soon, and I’ve started getting his bottle together. This should minimize the wrath of the hungry E.

After E’s bottle, he and I went to visit Grandma at work. He got to meet so many people!


We came home from our visit with Grandma, and we decided to end our day with storytime. Today, we read,  All My Friends Are Dead, by Avery Monsen and Jory John.



Clearly, this book will need some explaining in the future. E gets so excited about books, it doesn’t matter what they are.

Anyway, see you Monday!


Tonight’s Bottle: TBD. A, E, and I are going to visit Center of the Universe Brewing tonight. I will probably get their new beer, Monkey’s Uncle Lemongrass Tripel. 

A Final Thought: I wish the dog would just pick where he wants to be. In or out? I’m tired of getting up. Crazy, indecisive dog.


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