D&E Day 33

First, I want to apologize for yesterday’s post. I had a fussy baby in my lap, and I rushed through it  so I could get E to bed.

Anyway, today is a new day!

I found E, this morning, with his cape flapping in the breeze.


As you’ve seen in previous posts, E likes to start his day with a morning workout.

As you can see at the end of that video, E is in need of a nap.

The sun crept in through the window and woke him prematurely. Though, it does seem like he might get back to sleep. I can’t tell. The overwhelming feeling of hunger may surpass the visible sleepiness. It’s too soon to tell.

Well, hunger won out. That’s no surprise. I must say, for a boy who wants to eat as much as E does, he sure does spend a lot of time playing with his food. Instead of eating breakfast this morning, he wanted to play and giggle at A. Instead of eating bottle #1, he wanted to squirm and and smack at his bottle. The more and more he can control his hands the more difficult feeding him is getting. He was trying hard to hold the bottle himself, but he ended up throwing it across the room. He’s such a smart boy. Clearly, the best way to get the food from bottle to empty tummy, yeah I said tummy, is to throw it across the room. I suppose he’ll figure it out.

He’s just hanging out with his yellow bug letting me get some work done.


I know E was hoping to get outside today, since it’s so nice, but I don’t know how much outside time we’re going to get today. It’s bright, sunny, and deceivingly cold. If it’s a warm 45, we’ll get out.

E is no longer hanging out with his yellow bug. He started fussing. His fussing reminded me that he did not get his full nap earlier, and was probably still tired.


Maybe he will be kind enough to nap through my lunch. That would be nice. I’ve had to shove a sandwich in my face the last couple of D&E days, as the screaming would not cease. We are listening to the, yet to be released, album, Amok by Atoms for Peace. It was a late, exciting, addition to NPR First Listen this week. It seems to be helping E stay asleep this time. I assume it’s the ambient, spacey, repetition that E finds so soothing. It’s been a trend.

I wonder where Rodie is?

E’s awake, I don’t know where Rodie is, and I haven’t had my lunch. I think the batteries in the swing are dying.  E woke up because the swing stopped. Seriously, where’s the dog?

It was apparent that E needed a nap, and I was having trouble getting him to take one. So, we hopped in the car and headed downtown.


Five minutes later, E was asleep. Perfect. Only, we were heading to Maymont, and I wanted him to be awake to see the animals.


First we saw a pig.


E found the sheep to be boring.


The goats thought E looked tasty.


I’m pretty sure these hawks did too.


This vulture probably thought E was too, I don’t know, alive to be tasty.


At this point, I thought perhaps we should find some animals that might not be interested in eating E. We came across a fox.


Some cows:


a couple of bald eagles:


and some more goats:


Though, I’m pretty sure that this one was looking for a snack too.

We went looking for the bears, but they are certainly hibernating. This was the only bear we could find:


We left Maymont and headed home. Both E and I made it through the day without being eaten. I’d say today was a pretty good day.


By the way, I found the dog.


Tonight’s Bottle: Maine Beer Company Mo Pale Ale.


I have three words about this beer: bright, fresh, hoppy. Ok four, delicious. All right five, balanced. I highly recommend this beer, or any beer, by Maine Beer Company.

A Final Thought: A few weeks back, I think it was Day 22, I set a goal to read 2 books before I had to go back to work. I have finished 1. I finally made it through, Oh Myyy: There Goes the Internet, by George Takei. While it was quite an entertaining read, it wasn’t quite the literary masterpiece I was hoping for. I’m going to count it, but only because I don’t have time to start my count over again. We’ll see what I pick up next, or if I pick anything up next. I’ve discovered that as E gets older he requires more of my time and attention. Perhaps 2 books was an unattainable goal? We’ll see.


2 responses to “D&E Day 33

  1. We shall read a book about animals tomorrow! What kind of batteries does the swing take?? I’ll bring some tomorrow??

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