I was right. It’s raining. I haven’t told E yet.


Look how happy he is. Would you want to tell him? All right. I told him.


He didn’t like it.

Wow. Before you go any further, read my final thought at the bottom. Don’t forget to scroll back up here after you read the bottom. I’ll wait.

Welcome back. It’s been about 12 hours since I started typing. I hope I can remember everything that happened today. First, I apologize for being so late with tonight’s post. I’m on extended E duty tonight since A is in class. Therefore, I didn’t get to pass him off at 4:30 like I usually do. That’s ok; I’m kind of fond of the little guy.

Anyway, E and I spent most of our morning sitting around listening to records.


Unfortunately, at this point I don’t recall what we listened to. Though, I’m sure it was good. Right before lunch we went out to run some errands. I was in the process of getting E ready to go, when Rodie started barking wildly. The dog’s extreme volume startled E so much that I was certain he was going to leap out of my arms. At that point, the dog was barking, the baby was screaming, and I was questioning my decision to get up today. We got everything straightened out, and we left.

Our first stop was Deep Groove Records. We went in to sell, and buy, records.


Yes, this is an old picture of Deep Groove. As you can see, this image does not represent today’s weather.

We left the record store and headed to Ellwood Thompson’s, one of our local natural grocery stores.


E and I went in to get a salad for lunch. Sometimes, you just want a salad.

After, Ellwood Thompson’s, E and I went by Barnes & Noble.


E decided we should read, Men At Work: The Craft of Baseballby George Will. All of this talk about spring training has E excited about baseball. Can you blame him? We left Barnes & Noble and headed home to eat our salad (yes, there was only one salad)! We had a surprise visitor for lunch! A came home early for a dentist appointment, but she had enough time to have lunch with us. Apparently, she had enough time to take a quick nap with E too.


A went off to her appointment and her class, and E and I went back to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.


E and I needed to go for a walk, and the museum is a great place to go to walk when it’s raining, and see some art. Today, E wanted to see paintings that he felt he could have done himself. So we were off!


I managed to talk him down from the Manet, but what do I know, maybe E is the next Edouard Manet? We left the museum and head home. Where we have been since. E is starting to get fussy, and I think I may need to put him to bed. I don’t know if I’ve ever put him to bed solo? I’m pretty sure he and I can figure it out. Wish me luck!

Tonight’s Bottle: Duchesse De Bourgogne by Brouwerij Verhaeghe.


I’ve never had this one before, but I’m a fan of Belgian beer. Fingers crossed.

A Final Thought: E has been sitting in my lap, squirming, the entire time I’ve been typing. I typed this whole thing with one hand, and E has spit up on me four times (Seriously! Maybe I’m bouncing him too much?). since I started typing. He’s also treated my arm like a scratching post. I apologize for the typos, misspellings, and anything else you might find. I had no time to edit today’s post. Read at your own risk.


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