D&E Day 30

Today’s post is going to be brief, as I am short on time. Why am I short on time? Today was a busy day, and both A and I must be temporally impaired as we missed Valentine’s day, but that’s ok. We’re going to celebrate a day late. Why did we miss Valentine’s day? Well, mostly because neither of us are big into Valentine’s day, but mostly because of E. Because with E, we are tired and forgetful, but we love him anyway.

We were ready for the day.


But just then E turned on me, and started eating my face, and everything turned into a zombie movie…


Not really.

Since E wanted to be fed 30 minutes before the alarm went off this morning, we got ready early. We were ready to commence Operation Valentine’s Day + 1. No, that’s not right. Sorry, sleep depravation, my memory is fuzzy. First, we spent some time on the play mat.


After the play mat, E thought it would be a good idea to practice sitting up in his little Bumbo chair.


Ok, now we’re commencing Operation Valentine’s Day + 1.

First, we went to Jean-Jaques Bakery in Carytown.


At the bakery, E and I picked out some tasty looking chocolate cupcakes topped with white chocolate dipped strawberries.


E and I picked up the allumettes for tomorrow, they are not related to Operation Valentine’s Day + 1.

Next, we had to run into Target. Also not related to Operation Valentine’s Day + 1.


After Target we headed to Gearhart’s Chocolate. E picked out 4 pieces, maple pecan, mint julep, malted milk hazelnut, and brown butter caramel. I applauded his good choices.


At this point, we were both tired, so we headed home for lunch. E decided, today, that he wanted to hold his own bottle.


He actually did a pretty good job. He dropped it a few times, but hey, it’s progress. Once E was done with his lunch, he went for a visit with Ms. C while I went to work to attend the Employee Service Awards. I have put in 6 (I started at an odd time, so I’m getting my 5 year award just shy of 6 years) good years, and, dammit, I was determined to walk across that stage to accept my award. Besides, E likes spending time with Ms. C. Today they went for a walk, played with some fun looking toys, and E napped. Sounds like a good day to me!

A beat us home, and E is having dinner #1. The final phase of Operation Valentine’s Day + 1 is dinner. A and I are going out to dinner and Rodie is going to take care of E (see Good Dog Carl for a visual of how we expect things to go down). Speaking of Rodie, here’s a funny picture of Rodie wearing a bib:


That’s where I will leave you. Until Monday!

Tonight’s bottle: TBD. A and I are going out to dinner, so I assume it will be something that they have at the restaurant. Also, it will be draft, not a bottle.

A Final Thought: No, Rodie isn’t actually taking care of E tonight. Grandma is going to come and play gin rummy with E while A and I are at dinner.


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