D&E Day 27


The gang’s all here.

I think yesterday was just E recovering from the weekend. He has been in much better spirits this morning.


Especially when he’s not wearing pants!


E’s napping right now, so I’m trying to clean up the house a bit before our visitors arrive this afternoon. Also, it sounds like today is going to be a pretty nice day, so a walk of some sort is definitely in the future for D&E.

Then there is the dark side of a bright day. E is awake, prematurely. NPR’s Classical isn’t strong enough to block out the sun. It just isn’t. I guess it’s not that bad. He’s sitting in his swing giggling at his blue elephants.


Now, he’s giggling at me, sweeping. This must be hilarious? i mean, I know I don’t sweep all that often, but I don’t feel that it happens so infrequently that it’s humorous. Maybe I’m wrong?

Anyway, we had a quick morning outing and now we’re back for lunch. Good ol’ lunch.

Our visitors have arrived! Who came to visit today? Today, E got to meet his Great Aunt V and her husband, G.


E was cute and giggly, and did his best to make everyone else laugh.


He’s good at that.

After our guests left, we had tummy time.


No fun.

E let me know what he thought of it too.


After tummy time, I got E settled down and let him roll around on the couch for a few minutes.


A few minutes in, I let E wrestle with his stuffed dog, James. Great Aunt V and G brought E a big, soft, fluffy black dog named James, and E loves it!


E had a late afternoon bottle and then we loaded up and headed out.


First, we stopped at Total Wine to pick up a hard-to-get beer (only 6, or so, cases in Richmond — I’m saving it for Friday’s post). E is so good at helping me buy beer, probably better than he should be.

Moving on, we left Total Wine and headed to the University to go for a walk.


A came and met us!


As you can see, E was excited (I was too)!

We had a good long walk, and then E and I set out for our last stop, Deep Groove.


We took care of business at the record store and then we headed home for E to have dinner #1. That’s that. I apologize for the tardiness of tonight’s post, but E and I are just so busy and important…not really. Anyway, it was great to see my Aunt V and G today, and I hope to see them again soon!

Tonight’s Bottle: Allagash Dubbel Ale.


The thing I notice most about this beer is the wonderful Belgian yeast flavor that Allagash gets with most, if not all, of their wonderful beers. This is much maltier than I usually go for, but Allagash just does everything so well that even the biggest hophead can appreciate their more malty, Belgian-style beers.

A Final Thought: E is being ridiculously cute right now, so I’m going to pick him up and play with him.


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