D&E Day 25

First, a correction. We actually read, David Goes to School, by David Shannon for storytime yesterday.

Second, I won’t have time to proofread or edit today, so I apologize for the errors in advance.

Third, it’s raining again.


E and I aren’t happy about it.


That’s ok. We’re two smart, creative, and wild guys. Surely, we can figure out what to do today.

Monkey fingers!


E loves monkey fingers. After monkey fingers he just passed out on me. He must have been tired, as I was able to pick him up and move him to his chair without him waking up.


That gave me just enough time to whip up some lunch, eat it, and watch an episode of Portlandia.


He’s back!

As you can see, A and I are constantly putting E’s cape on backwards (we put it on like a bib). Without fail, he manages to rotate it back to where it should be. Good for him.


I fed E and we headed out.

First, we went to Whole Foods to return the vanilla extract we bought yesterday. I forgot we had a whole bottle in the fridge. We also picked up some more hand sanitizer. You can never have enough with a baby around.


We left Whole Foods and headed downtown.


E and I stopped at The National to buy concert tickets.


E’s first concert ticket purchase. No need to worry, he’s not going. I am. We bought a ticket to see Tame Impala in June. E and I can’t wait!


Ticket in hand, we started off for home. On the way, the sun decided to peak through the clouds. Then, the sun, doing what it does best, warmed things up a bit. So, E and I decided to stop at the park to take a walk.

We learned about some new trees:

Eastern Redcedar:




Chestnut Oak:


We crossed a lot of bridges:

IMG_1751 IMG_1754


This park has a lot of bridges.

Finally, we hit the fitness trail:

IMG_1747 IMG_1744 IMG_1742 IMG_1740 IMG_1739 IMG_1737 IMG_1735

We did the whole thing! We did the old balance beam and the new balance beam.

We came home and had a bottle and storytime. Today, in honor of the book that we said we read yesterday, we read, No, David!, by David Shannon.


This page got quite the response:


A is home now. We’re all going to meet with a potential child care candidate tonight. Finger crossed!

The weekend is upon us – until Monday!

Tonight’s Bottle: Center of the Universe Brewing Company PocaHOPtas IPA.


This is another one from right up the road in Ashland, VA. I’m sure that there’s no surprise that I haven’t had this one either. I almost did. I ordered it at Capital Ale House once, but they were out. Come to think of it, that happens quite a bit.

A Final Thought:


You may not be able to see this, but zoom in, if you can.

I’ve always found this entertaining. There’s no outlet on Terminal Pl? It’s just makes sense. Because it’s terminal? So it ends? Oh nevermind…

I don’t know why this has always amused me. I first notcied it back when I worked in that area, and it’s been funny since. No? Well, maybe it’s just me? Oh well. I tried.


3 responses to “D&E Day 25

  1. You keep Vanilla in the frig?

    Elizabeth Chenery
    University of Richmond
    Director, Events, Conferences and Support Services Physical Plant Building
    Desk 804.289.8959 Mobile 804.349.5702
    P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail
    CERTIFIED GREEN OFFICE Pilot Office-Silver Level

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