D&E Day 24


All right, I got him this time.

He passed out quickly this morning. I didn’t even get to move him to his swing.

Now, he’s up and back to smiling and talking to the yellow bug.

It’s time for a bottle. Today’s morning bottle was accompanied by the album, Blood Oaths of the New Bluesby the band Wooden Wand. After his bottle, I loaded E up for our morning outing. Where are we going? We’re going to Whole Foods! Why are we going to Whole Foods? To get ingredients to make …well you tell me.


To make cookies! Why? Why not?!

I put the groceries away and made my lunch while E slept. He reanimated almost exactly three hours after his previous bottle. He was hungry. After E had his lunch, I, once again, loaded him up for our afternoon walk. Today we went back to an old favorite, the University of Richmond.


We walked around the lake a couple of times, and we ran into my friend from work, L with an E (it’s a work thing). After our walk, we headed over to my office to say hello to (all right, I know I said if I listed everyone in my office it would look like some sort of funny alphabet with a lot of L’s, but I figured I’d give it a try) L (E, but I call her L), L, L, K, S, R, T, J, S, and W.

Cookie time!


First, you need a recipe.


Then, I needed my hands back, so E had to watch the rest from his chair.

While the cookies were baking we had storytime. Today we picked, No Davidby David Shannon. E got very excited when we turned to this page:


The cookies, we forgot the cookies!


They were ok. They aren’t pretty, but that’s all right. It was our first attempt. We can always try again. However, they are tasty, a little cakey, but good (as you can see there is one missing)!

Today I took care of the baby, did the laundry, and baked cookies. I think it’s safe to say that the traditional gender roles are a thing of the past.

I almost forgot! A told/showed me that, this morning, E punch the ladybug and knocked her over.


Tonight’s Bottle: Sixpoint Craft Ales Resin. Another can!


Again, this is another one I’ve not had before. I’ll have to report back to you on all of these. I feel that it is safe to assume, given the name, that this one is going to be hoppy!

A Final Thought: I think it’s sad that our local NPR member station has to do extra fund drives because our state government decided to cut funding to public broadcasting (most of it). E and I enjoy listening to our favorite NPR programs and we don’t want to see (mostly hear) them go away. I’m not going to say anymore about this.


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