D&E Day 23

Night 22 was rough. I hope that it wasn’t a preview of Day 23. Maybe we jumped too far ahead by having E sleep in his room at night, but I suppose it’s possible that he just wasn’t feeling well. He did not want to sleep last night. We try to put him to be at 8:00, but last night, instead of sleeping, when A would put him in his crib he would scream. He screamed until his 10:00 feeding. After his 10:00, we just put him in his little bed in our room and he slept until 6:00. So, yes, he slept through the night (which is awesome), but it took forever to get him to that point, and after we went out and got the damn humidifier to make his room more comfortable for him. It’s ok. I’m sure we’ll need it at some point.

Fast forward.

It’s Wednesday morning and he’s as happy as can be. He’s especially happy when he doesn’t have any pants.


I got him dressed and he got to spend some time on the big bed while A got ready for work.


After the big bed, E sat and had his morning conversation with the yellow bug.


All right, so I’ve yet to understand E’s fascination with the yellow bug. There are three perfectly entertaining bugs that dangle over E’s little chair. For some reason he’s formed some sort of bond with the yellow one. I assume he sits there and shares his secrets and things. Maybe he thinks the yellow bug is the only one that understands him? I don’t know. Personally, I find the orange, green, and pink bug to be the most exciting, and it definitely makes the best noise.


He looks friendly enough, but E has no real interest in him. Next is the ladybug. E doesn’t seem to trust the ladybug. I don’t know what it is. He doesn’t really interact with the ladybug, but he always seems to have one eye on her (I assume it’s a her. I suppose it could be a him?). Even when he’s sleeping he has one eye open. I don’t know what she did to him, but he seems to think she’s up to something. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t make any noise?


But he seems to have formed some sort of connection with the yellow bug.


The yellow bug barely rattles. I don’t get it. Yes, I recognize that it’s possible that this is just a bright yellow object and he probably sees it with more clarity than the others, but I feel confident that it’s more than that. Who knows?

He’s having his morning nap with the new album, m b v, by My Bloody Valentine.

While this may not be your cup of tea, the 15 year old in me is giddy and E’s asleep, so everything is good. It seems that Rodie is having a nap too.


I should probably be napping as well, but too much to do! Laundry day!

As I was saying, I think this new My Bloody Valentine album is definitely worth the 20+ years of waiting. Not quite that many for me, I suppose. I didn’t discover them until a few years after they released their last album. I was 9 when that last album came out, and, at the time, I was still listening to whatever my parents listened to. Which, more or less, wasn’t bad. In fact, I still listen to a good deal of it today.

The sun is coming on a E now, and My Blood Valentine has turned into, Regions of Light and Sound of God by Jim James, so it’s only a matter of minutes.

E is up, fed, and after a mid-morning blowout, dressed…again.


Outfit number 2.

After our outfit change, E started sniffling and snorting again, so we took care of that. E got so worked up that he passed out on me again. Literally, on me.


I moved him to his chair and he just kept on sleeping.


We just finished lunch, and we’re going for a walk! It’s too nice outside not to.


Of course, by we’re going for a walk I mean E took a 3 mile nap.


With the sun, E was covered up for most of the time.


Which was sad, as the suburban wildlife was very active today.

After our walk, E and I took a quick trip to Total Wine.


You’ll just have to wait to see what we got. I have a feeling it will be unveiled over the coming weeks.

We got home from Total Wine, and this is what I have, again:


A sleepy little boy.

I hear tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice as today has been. E and I are excited, though he doesn’t show it, to be getting all of this outside time!

A and her friend J will be here any minute, so E and I are going to go and straighten up the house.

Thursday, here we come!

Tonight’s Bottle: Bell’s Smitten Golden Rye Ale


Here’s another one I’ve never had. I’ve never had this one because it’s brand new this year. I really enjoy rye ales, so I can only imagine with such a sunny-looking label this one will nicely compliment a nice day like today.

A Final Thought: Verizon is driving me nuts. I don’t watch that much TV, but it seems that anytime I turn the TV on during the day the Verizon box resets or updates. The screen goes blue, green, or static, and 5-10 minutes later it all comes back on. We pay them a lot of money for that to not happen. What’s the deal? Does anyone else have that happen?


One response to “D&E Day 23

  1. What ever happened to “My funny valentine”? I will be sure to sing it to E when you come this weekend!

    P.S. Ladybug looks evil…just saying.

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