D&E Day 20

Do you remember the Founders Brewing T-shirt saga (D&E Day 13)? After many many grueling days, 3 exchanges, 4 shirts, and the repeated unrolling of the tape measure, it’s over. Yesterday, I received my fourth shipment from the brewery, and we had a winner! I’m quite happy to have this behind me. Here’s a picture of it, I figure as much as I’ve been talking about it you should get to see it.





Something else I’d like to note before I move on with the day (I know you’re excited), is Richmond rush hour. I got to experience what Richmond calls “rush hour,” yesterday when we were on our way to Virginia Beach. What a joke. Though, I must say I found it to be tedious. I thought my years of commuting from Richmond to Congressional Camp through the D.C. rush hour would leave me calloused to any sort of traffic (Hello! to anyone reading that I used to work with at camp!). I guess I’ve just been so removed from dealing with it that I’ve become sensitive. Either way, what Richmond has is hardly, “rush hour.” It’s really just a mildly inconvenient delay.

Yeah, I’m sorry you had to suffer through that. Now, back to the matter at hand. E. E is asleep.


He must be tired. I hadn’t even finished my breakfast and he was out. I didn’t even get a chance to get him dressed for the day. He must be recovering from our road trip yesterday. Last night, I got him dressed for bed, sat down in the rocking chair for our normal bedtime routine, and he was out before I was able to even rock the chair. He just had such a good time visiting with Nana, Aunt N, and Cousin J (D&E Day 19)! I have no doubt that he’ll be up around 9:00 to eat, so I’ll just have to pounce on him then.

Got him!


I know, that’s not much of a pounce.

While I was down on the floor, pouncing on E, Rodie decided to visit. I really wish I had a picture of this. I guess E is now familiar with being licked by the dog, so when he saw Rodie coming he started sticking his tongue out at the dog. Fortunately, he reeled it back in before Rodie returned the gesture all over E’s face.

Do you remember last week or the week before when I came to the realization that I needed to have the bottles ready before feeding time. Yeah, well, I dropped the ball on that one.


We’re good now.


We listened to WNRN while E had his bottle. We heard all sorts of music, Feist, The Lumineers, Punch Brothers, Wilco, and a bunch of other bands/artists, most I’ve never heard of.

After E had his bottle I told him about baseball, and how we like the Nationals. Of course he didn’t get it, but I put my Nationals hat on his head and took a picture. Why not? I told him that we’re getting closer and closer to opening day! He’ll understand one day.


I know, totally random.

I loaded E up to go and run a couple of errands. Normally, I would just carry him around store in his car seat or the Bjorn, but today I broke out the stroller. I think we may have overdone it this week. My back is pleading with me to not carry him around in the car seat today, so I must oblige.

We came home and we both had lunch. I almost didn’t get to. Thanks to some new toys from Nana, and some that Grandma found when she was here yesterday, I was able to eat. The toys in question are a monkey fingers puppet and a set of keys. I don’t understand, but E thinks they’re hilarious.



After lunch, the guy came to clear the remaining debris from our crawl space that had fallen down during the bathroom renovation. This set of the dog alarm. Of course, E had just fallen asleep, so I had send the dog to his upper-level holding cell.


When E woke up, the crawl space was clean and the dog was back outside.

For storytime today, we read Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing by Judi Barrett.


The wet walrus really seemed to excite E a good deal. When we got to that page he started kicking and laughing.


Again, he’s laughing at someone’s misfortune, should I be worried?

After storytime was tummy time, and you know where this is on E’s hierarchy of favorite times

(D&E Day 11 Bonus Features), that’s right, it’s not on there. That’s how much he enjoys it. I told him what was coming and this is the response I got:


I don’t think he knew what I was saying. It was time.


I walked him around the house to calm him down before we spent about an hour on his playmat.


By the time we got to playmat, everything was ok.


There’s one toy in particular that hangs above E’s playmat, the caterpillar, that just gets Rodie all riled up, and he has to come and see what’s going on.


Then, E fell over.


E seems to have had enough of his playmat, and A is almost home, so I think it might be time to get him changed and ready to eat!

Tomorrow is E’s first Groundhog Day!

Have a good weekend!

Tonight’s Bottle: Founders Imperial Stout.


Yes, in celebration of the Founders T-Shirt Saga being complete (D&E Day 13). This beer is a wonderful companion for a cold February night like this. It’s big roasty flavor and easy drinkability will make you forget that it’s 10.5% ABV.

A Final Thought: Here we are at the end of week 4. I’ve noticed in the last 4 weeks, well 2 months and a couple of weeks, that the number of gray hairs in my beard has increased exponentially. Not just one or two here and there, but damn, a lot. What’s that about? I can only imagine that the future will hold many more. Here’s to the grey-bearded future me – cheers!


One response to “D&E Day 20

  1. Sounds like a good day, but I will be so glad when he doesn’t have to have tummy time anymore! Poor little lamb!

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