D&E Day 18


After spending much of my day, yesterday, telling people how good E is, and how he would rarely fall into bouts of inconsolable fussing, he fussed for hours last night. It was as if nothing seemed to help. You name it, we tried it. At some point, he ran out of energy and just crashed. He slept for 7.5 hours again last night, woke up, and released enough gas into the world to power some sort of small vehicle, maybe a Smart Car, or a jet ski? I’m going to go out on a limb and say his fussing was a result of both being tired and some tummy issues.

E seems to be in much better spirits today, so that bodes well for us all.


I just put E down for his morning nap, and he was out immediately. I took the opportunity to finish up some work goodness, and now I think I’ll try to get back to one of those books I started but never finished.

This morning’s nap, and work, was accompanied by Jim James’ upcoming album Regions of Light and Sound of GodThis is another one that is streaming on the NPR First Listen page. I know I can sound like a big ol’ NPR ad sometimes, but I swear I have no affiliation. Besides, we all know that NPR doesn’t have ads. Their wonderful programming is brought to us by listeners like us.

I just think they have really good programming, programming that I have no problem letting E partake of. Also, I’m really pleased that E is so responsive to music, music that I like. It seems to be able to calm him down and make him smile all at the same time. With any luck, it will lead to entertaining baby dancing too.

The temperature is, once again, ridiculous for the end of January, but we have the house wide open today. It’s kind of nice. If the rain stays away, maybe we can get outside for a good walk. I’ve got to say, though, it seems to be much more grey out than I was expecting. The temperature isn’t climbing quite like they led us to believe either.

E woke up from his nap. He seems to be doing his fussy bit again. This will teach me not to run my mouth about how good and not fussy E is. It was too early to feed him, so I put him down in his crib under his mobile.


This was fun for a few minutes, so I tried a little time on the play mat.


That was also fun for a little while. Rather, that was fun until I flipped him over for some tummy time.


As we know, tummy time is not E’s favorite. He was so mad about tummy time that he was threatening to take it out on this guy.


I walked him around a bit to calm him down after the traumatic experience of tummy time, and then it was time to eat.

I know E is tired. He hasn’t been napping as efficiently as he once was. As soon as he started in on his bottle, he passed out. I had to keep waking him up until, eventually, the bottle was empty. I put him up on my shoulder to burp him, and he passed out again. I walked him around for a little bit, and I decided to try putting him in his crib. 5 seconds later and he’s wailing. All right. I picked him up and put him back on my shoulder where he quickly fell asleep again.


Ok. He’s clearly tired. So, I walked him around a bit more. Once I felt that he was good and asleep, I put him down in his vibrating chair (I really do wish I had my own chair like this one). 5 seconds later (literally), and he’s awake. Now he’s sitting in his chair playing and being cute like nothing ever happened.


He’s also practicing being the best bubble blower in the world.


What to do, what to do? I might close some of the windows. It’s not even close to being in the mid-70s outside. The local weathermen have been off their games recently.

E’s getting fussy again, and I know it’s because he won’t sleep. I’m running out of ideas. I’ll try the car. That always seems to work.



Unfortunately, as soon as we got home, he was awake.


That was a total of 15 minutes.

Grandma is here now (I didn’t call in reinforcements, she was coming anyway), and she has made everything better, it would seem.


Now that Grandma is here, I’m heading over to the University for a class. What kind of class? A WordPress class. I must say, I think I’m doing a pretty good job, but I’m sure there are many things I could learn.

I picked up one or two things, but it was really stuff I already knew.

Apparently, E and Grandma had a good time while I was gone. They played on the play mat for a good long time, read a new book, and even had a little nap, well E did.


After a little more investigation, I found out that E and Grandma read, Freight Train by Donald Crews.


E had been fed, A just got home, and I still have to edit this (I use the term, “edit,” very loosely – you can read all of my posts and see that the editing and proofreading are minimal), add pictures, and do all sorts of behind-the-scenes blog stuff.

Tomorrow, E and I are going to do something we’ve never done before.

I never did get back to one of those books I’ve been reading.

Stay tuned!

Tonight’s Bottle: Lost Rhino Brewing/Hardywood/Vintage 50/Bluejacket Pretty in Pink: Awareness Ferments Hope.


I haven’t had this one before, but here’s the commercial description from RateBeer.com:

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, four women from four breweries came together to craft a beer for hope. Using the finest malts, two strains of hops, and an Ardennes yeast, then adding flavor, aroma, and hue with (hibiscus and pomegranate) they produced a brisk Saison. Slightly tart with subtle fruit-esters, hints of spice, and pink. The brewsters present this beer as a salute to the memory and bravery of those women and men fighting breast cancer, and as a toast to the day when we find the cure. Pretty in Pink: Awareness Ferments Hope. Collaboration between Lost Rhino, Bluejacket, Vintage 50, and Hardywood.

This sounds pretty interesting!

A Final Thought: I’m thankful that Grandma brought us dinner. I don’t have the energy or mental capacity to make anything tonight. Thank you!


3 responses to “D&E Day 18

  1. My son is going through a very similar phase at the moment. The hubby is starting to refer to him as “He who must be held.” The only way to get him to nap is for one of us to hold him the entire time, the second we put him down anywhere the nap is over. I am seriously considering just wearing him in a snugli around the house just so I can attempt to get anything done. LOL

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