D&E Day 17

E and I are going to have all sorts of fun today, but the beer hunt is on. We have to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Today is the 2013 Bell’s Hopslam release day here in Richmond. It’s a really good beer. Before you ask, yes, it is worth it. I try to get a 6 pack every year, but it’s a more advanced hunt than your average hard to get craft beer. People get vicious at Hopslam time. It’s crazy. Today, though, I have a sidekick to do all the dirty work while I go for the beer.

Just pretend you didn’t read any of that. It makes me sound like an awful parent.

Anyway, this is how the day started:


The guy from the landscaping company is here to do some repair work on our, relatively new, front walk. The dog is going absolutely berserk, yet E still manages to sleep.


I couldn’t sleep though all that.

In an effort to keep E sleeping, I had to barricade the dog upstairs. Given all of his recent antics, I don’t know if my setup will hold him, but it’s worth a try.


Speaking of sleep, I forgot to mention that E has slept for 7.5 hours the last two night. 3 full nights of sleep in a row. I’m not going to get too excited yet, but I’m really excited about this trend.

Like clockwork. Exactly 3 hours after his 6:00am feeding, E is asking for more. I swear he’s never satiated.

I just got word that our Whole Foods will have Hopslam at 10:00! E and I and getting ready. We have our running shoes on! I want to be clear, this beer is good, really good. Is it worth all of the trouble to get some? Probably not, but if you want it you have to give it a good go. I’m fortunate that I’m not at work today. Here we are ready for the hunt:


I thought I had timed this trip to coincide with E’s usual nap, but he decided to stay awake for the entire ordeal. We had to wait around for a bit, as we beat the delivery truck to the store. We weren’t alone. The were other beer folk, other stay-at-home dads, and some very good-humored wives that had been sent by their husbands to wait around and buy beer for them.

Eventually, we got what we were there for, and we left. As soon as the 25 cases of beer were put out on the floor, they were gone. 60 seconds. Literally. As I said above, it’s a good beer. I still don’t understand why I have to go to such great lengths to get it.

It’s so nice outside. I think I read 70, which is quite the contrast to the 17 we had last week. But I thought climate change wasn’t real? Is it nice outside? Yes, it feels great, but should it really be this warm in January? I digress.

It’s so nice, that E and I decided we would eat lunch outside.


Rodie came with us.


After lunch, we decided to have storytime. This is us making decisions.


E picked, That’s Not My KittenHe really seemed to connect with the cat that had the the fuzzy tongue. He thought that was just the best thing ever.


After storytime, we set out for the University for a walk. First, we walked around the lake.


Then we walked across campus. The students have returned, so there were many more people than the last time we were there.

E got to meet so many people while we we there. He also got to meet our friend, Mr. Great Blue Heron.


We came back home, and E was extremely sweaty and needed dry clothes. He insisted that he wear this particular outfit.


He spends one afterrnoon at a university, and he starts expressing political views. Crazy.

It’s still 70 outside, so we’re going to have our afternoon bottle on the porch.

I may have spoken too soon. Due to the sun’s decision to direct all of its radiation onto our porch, the afternoon bottle was consumed just inside the porch door. Either way, E is fed and happy

I think E is going to wiggle around on the porch until it gets too chilly for us. Word on the street is that it will just as unseasonably warm tomorrow! We look forward to it!

Oh! I almost forgot. I promised to share the photo series that I put together while we were at the VMFA yesterday. I call it, E Encounters Animal Statues The Look Like They Might Eat HIm.


Good thing this wasn’t him:



That one wasn’t a statue, it actually happened.

Tonight’s Bottle: Surprise!


Not really, it’s Bell’s Hopslam. Bell’s Hopslam with E in the background. This is an absolutely delicious take on a double IPA. This beer is full of wonderful citrusy and floral hops, and the addition of honey gives a unique character. It only appears once a year, and it’s such a hassle to get some. It’s worth it.

A Final Thought: Do all babies feel the need to put their feet in their diaper when you’re in the process of changing them? I swear E goes out of his way to make sure his feet wind up in his dirty diapers. He laughs about it. It’s a pain, and it results in a lot of socks that need to be changed and feet that need to be washed.


4 responses to “D&E Day 17

  1. Hehe, he’s not the only one who likes to footplant in the dirty diapers, Usually it’s all we can do to corral Thor’s feet while trying to clean him up. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t…

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