D&E Day 16

Weekend Recap:

Our snowy Friday evening, ultimately, led to an icy, lazy, coffee-filled Saturday morning. Between E’s feeding schedule and the ice on the roads, A and I weren’t able to get up and out until much later than we normally do. Once the sun came out in all of its stable, violent splendor and rendered the roads safe for passage, we ventured out to take care of our normal weekend tasks. Sadly, that put us in Short Pump right at lunch time, always a mistake.

Again, A and I felt the need to dress E in this excellent fleece-y suit.


We didn’t really have any plans for the afternoon, so we took the opportunity to do all of the things around the house that have been sitting since before E was even a thought. The light got fixed, the stove burner was brought back to life, and various ancient condiments got disposed of. We also took care of some more recent things. As E is rolling about these days, the crib got lowered. We’re trying to get him to sleep in his room a little more, so I finally got around to hanging those curtains to keep the sunlight off of him while he’s in his crib. The bathroom got cleaned, the kitchen got cleaned, and all of the little dog fur tumbleweeds were swept up, only to reappear almost immediately. After all of this, neither of us really wanted to make dinner (I didn’t want to make dinner), so we went out. We listened to A Prairie Home Companion and waited for an excited Grandma to come and hang out with E. Really though, who wouldn’t be excited to hang out with E?

Capital Ale House was having their semi-annual Great Hopocalypse event, and I couldn’t resist. A was kind enough to oblige.


A and I agree, the new menu at Capital Ale House is a vast improvement over where they used to be.

The weekend’s most remarkable occurrence came overnight Saturday-Sunday. E. slept. through. the. night. That’s right folks, 8 and a half hours. I never thought it would happen again, but sure enough.

Sunday was really more of the same, cleaning, eating, sleeping, etc. A’s friend J came by for a bit, and that was probably the most exciting thing that happened on Sunday. I didn’t even take any pictures. I must be tired. In fact, I seemed to be so tired that scrubbing potatoes (I did make dinner Sunday night) about did me in.

I lied. Here’s Sunday:


We spent a little more time working on holding that big ol’ head up.

It seems I wasn’t truthful at all, here’s more Sunday:



As you can see, Sunday was a bath night. We’re fortunate that E is a fan of getting a bath. I can only imagine that it makes bathtime a bit of a struggle if your child doesn’t care for the water.

Here we are again, Monday, the start of a new week and new adventures. We might even continue some of last week’s adventures that we didn’t even get to start. We might even finish the adventures that we started, but then we didn’t get to finish because E and I got locked out of the house (D&E Day 14).


Once again, the weather has altered the course of our day.


A is home again with a 2 hour delay! E gets a little extra time with A this morning. I know they’re both excited, or sleeping.


So, guess who forgot that he had a dentist appointment today? If you said E, you’d be wrong. He doesn’t even have teeth. It’s me. I have to go back to the dentist, and right before lunch at that. It seems that my permanent crown is back, and they would like to finish what they started a couple weeks back. This will probably be the least exciting surprise E and I get today.

A is off to work, so it’s just E and I now.

After an extensive feeding, E drifted off while listening to Thao & The Get Down Stay Down‘s new album, We the Common, over at NPR First Listen. Don’t take E’s sleepiness as commentary on Thao’s album. It’s quite lively; E can just sleep through most things. Anything with a good beat will put him out. While he’s napping I’m going to go and get things ready for the dentist. There is so much preparation, mental and otherwise.


Clearly, he doesn’t understand it now, but he will. I assured him of that.

We’ve returned from the dentist, and E’s sleeping hard in his car seat. He was very fussy when we got to the dentist. I can only imagine he wasn’t too happy about having his nap interrupted twice. The wonderful ladies at the dentist’s office took him back behind the front desk while I was having my work done, and when I came back out E was sound asleep. I think he ended up having a good time. Something tells me that the office staff enjoyed themselves too. Thank you to all of them, and a special thanks to Ms. E who walked him and rocked him until he went to sleep!

I anticipate E waking up anytime now, hungry, and mad (about being hungry).

While we wait, it seems the dog has developed a new offensive to counter the baby gate defense, also known as Operation Baby Gate.


This is one of the more brazen things he’s done recently. It appears that he has knocked the gate down and jumped on up. I bet you’re thinking it’s possible that the gate fell over on it’s own, but the dog fur found all over the scene of the crime says otherwise. I’m going to keep my eye on that guy.

E’s up and my projection was correct, hungry and mad.

That was close.

He’s sitting in my lap doing his milk drunk wobble.


As you can see, E’s always ready to go. He never knows where, but he’s always ready.


Today, we’re going to, again, try to visit the Chihuly exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

We made it! It looks like it might happen this time.


Sure enough!

Our first stop: Chihuly. WARNING – I have included a handful of pictures from the Chihuly exhibit. If you want to wait and see it in person, skip ahead.

Here’s E and a Chihuly piece:


Of course I neglected to note the names of individual pieces, so I apologize. Here’s another picture of E and a Chihuly work:


This was E’s view when he briefly had his eyes open:


FInally, a handful of other photos from the exhibit. E is not in any of them. I apologize.

IMG_1245 IMG_1243 IMG_1241 IMG_1230 IMG_1231

After Chihuly, E and I walked around the museum working on a photo series which I will debut tomorrow. Before we left, E posed with some TIffany lamps.


He doesn’t know he posed with lamps, but we do.

E is still napping (though I need to wake him up for tummy time – you don’t want to be here for that) and A will be home any minute, so this is where I must leave you.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice; E and I will be getting outside, one way or another! Additionally, I was right, the dentist was the least exciting surprise we had today.

Tonight’s Bottle: Lagunitas Brown Shugga‘.


With the weather being so erratic in Virginia these days, I never know what to expect. I’m in the process of drinking through some of the, what I consider, cold weather beers while I still can. I may be wrong, but I consider this one of those. This beer is very everything, it has big malts, even bigger hops, and 9.9%ABV. I look forward to this one hitting the shelves every year, and I try to stow enough to get me through the cold months. However, as I said above, I never know when the cold months will be these days. I don’t even know if they’ll come anymore. Cheers!

A final thought: I know there are some that think this should be related to what we did that day, but I don’t agree, clearly. Most of the time whatever I write in this section is totally random. Which I think is fine.

This morning, I found myself troubled when the only news I was hearing was about Chris Brown fighting with Frank Ocean over a parking space, Rick Ross being the target of a drive-by, and glorified nachos for your Super Bowl Party. Yet I didn’t hear one thing about the barge going down the Mississippi River that collided with a railroad bridge, and has been spilling oil into the Mississippi River since last night. Authorities are still investigating, so the severity of this accident hasn’t  been fully explored, but these things never seem to end well. This seems to be a bit more newsworthy than the other things, but I guess it’s all a matter of opinion. Sorry, I’ll keep my editorializing on the blog to a minimum, but this was a bit bothersome.


4 responses to “D&E Day 16

  1. You did get to Chihuly!!!!!

    Elizabeth Chenery
    University of Richmond
    Director, Events, Conferences and Support Services Physical Plant Building
    Desk 804.289.8959 Mobile 804.349.5702
    P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail
    CERTIFIED GREEN OFFICE Pilot Office-Silver Level

  2. Sorry for your unpleasant surprise (dentist)…but what a wonderful surprise that E slept through the night…twice!! Smart baby! Loved the pics from the Chihuly!

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