D&E Day 15

I’ve watched a handful of The Simpsons episodes recently, and do you have any idea of how many times Homer Simpson should have died? That was just a few episodes, he’s been doing stupid stuff since 1987, 1989 as a full show. It must be awesome to be a cartoon. Though, he’s had an infant in diapers for 25 years. I’ve struggled through 15 days. I can’t imagine 25 years. I suppose Homer doesn’t really do anything; Marge does all the work. Regardless, 25 years.

It’s cold. Outside and inside.


That’s us being cold. Here it is outside:


Sorry, wrong picture. It seems I don’t have an outdoor picture, but if you really want to see one you can scan earlier posts, just take away the rain and snow. However, if you just want to pretend that the above picture is what it’s like outside, then have at it!

This morning, we started off with a little head balancing practice. E still has some trouble with this, but he’s getting better.


While we were working on our practical life skills, holding one’s head up, I noticed that E had a bit of a sniffle. I cooked up some saline solution and sterilized the aspirator while E waited in anticipation. For what, I’m sure he had no clue, but he waits in anticipation for me to pretend to nibble on his belly. He seems to be a “glass is half full” sort of guy.


That boy. Always anticipating. Perhaps it will help him develop cat-like reflexes later in life. One of those cats with good reflexes, though. Not one of those overweight cats that just sits around all day eating lasagna.

We made it through out aspirator episode, and now E is listening to NPR Morning Edition. I take it back, now E is having his morning nap.

This morning, we’re going to attempt to take care of the errands we were on our way to do before the part of the story where we got locked out of the house (see D&E Day 14). After lunch, weather permitting, we have big plans!

I learned, over the course of the last 3 weeks, that I need to just have the damn bottle ready to go when E wakes up. It really cuts down on the screaming.

I got E fed, dressed, and ready to go. He, of course, had other plans.


Take 2. I got E undressed, changed, redressed, and ready to go, and we set out to finish what we started yesterday.

First, I had to stop by work. I had to drop some stuff off here and there, but then we stopped by my office to say hello.


E got to see so many people! I would note all of them here, but since I’m just using first initials, it would look like some sort of strange alphabet with a lot of L’s.

After that, we stopped by Deep Groove Records. Frankly, sometimes I find it therapeutic to just flip through records and listen to whatever they happen to be playing in the store that day. E met J, the owner, while we were there today. E just knows everyone around town!

Between work and the record store, we got a call from A. There is a threat of light snow this afternoon, so most of the major school systems let folks go home early. E and I were very excited!

We’re about to head out, and it’s snowing now. A and I bundled E up in his fleece-y, warm-looking, suit thing. We’re ready for the elements!


We thought we were ready for the elements. By the time we got everyone dressed and situated, the roads were covered. We decided to be responsible parents, instead of art enthusiasts, and concluded that Chihuly could wait until this weekend or next week. Day 15, and our plans have been thwarted by the weather 6 times.

Instead of going to the VMFA, we took pictures outside in the snow.

IMG_1161 IMG_1164 IMG_1162

DSC_0255 DSC_0252

I tried to get a funny picture of the dog with snow on his nose. You know, one of those pictures that makes everyone go, “awwwww.” This is the best I could do.


Rodie likes the snow too much to be bothered with trivial stuff like this.

At 3:00, we listened to NPR Fresh Air. They were doing a tribute to 30 Rock in honor of the series finale next week. A and I have been watching since the beginning, and it will be sad to see it go.

Anyway, E is asleep, so our adventures will be few for the remainder of the day.

Until Monday!

Tonight’s bottle: Another local one. There are quite a few excellent breweries in Central Virginia, so it’s not hard to find something good to drink close by.


Tonight, Main St. Virginia Ale  by Center of the Universe Brewing Company  in Ashland, VA. I haven’t had this one before, but the brewery says that it’s a German Alt-style beer that is malty and easy drinking. I don’t drink too many beers that describe themselves as malty, as I am more of a hophead, but I look forward to this!

A final thought: I haven’t had a hot cup of coffee in, how old is E now, almost 10 weeks. It’s always good and icy by the time I get to it. Maybe I should just embrace it and drop a few ice cubes in? Knowing my luck, by the time I got around to drinking it, the ice would have melted and I would have had watery room temperature coffee. Even worse. I hope that I don’t have to wait until he moves out to have a hot cup of coffee again.


5 responses to “D&E Day 15

  1. The VMFA exhibit is awesome! But E. can enjoy at a later date. Like his snowsuit!

    Hope Rodie’s adjusting too. Thanks for dropping off folder. Didn’t venture out today but will pick up Saturday.

    Thanks Prof P

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. He woke up!

    Elizabeth Chenery
    University of Richmond
    Director, Events, Conferences and Support Services Physical Plant Building
    Desk 804.289.8959 Mobile 804.349.5702
    P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail
    CERTIFIED GREEN OFFICE Pilot Office-Silver Level

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