D&E Day 14

Did you know it was going to snow? I didn’t. Turns out, snow!


Unfortunately, that means we’re back to the drawing board on our plans for the day. I think we’re just going to hang out in E’s crib and stare at his mobile.


It’s time for his morning nap, which he clearly needs, but he’s fighting it with everything he has. I thought he was out a minute ago, but then the fussing returned. Fingers crossed. I can’t talk to you fine people until he’s out. 3…2…3…3…2…1…3…2…1…he’s out! Err…3…2…3…2…1…gone. I’m going to give it a minute just to be certain before I get too involved in anything else, but I am hopeful.

10 minutes later, he startled himself awake. When do babies stop startling themselves? This has been an issue multiple times in the past too. Either way, he worked it out and he’s sleeping again.

While we wait, E and I missed the recycling pick up this morning, as someone needed to be changed. I can’t put all of the blame on him. I could have taken it out last night, but I forgot. I forget a lot of things these days. That I blame on E. I think we’re going to have an adventure afterall today! We need to go and find somewhere to get rid of all this recycling. We recycle a lot. We might fill up the trash can once a month, but those recycle cans are FULL every two weeks. We have no choice. E and I are going out! Well, we’re going out after eating, of course.

Dammit! The light! I forgot the sun moves. The light is now coming in through the blinds and and right onto E’s face. He’s going to be pissed and hungry when he wakes up.

Here it comes.


I was wrong. He’s being quite pleasant.


He’s sitting in his swing giggling at his own gas. I suppose it’s funny.

The snow has mostly melted, so I think we’re going to go out and take care of a few little errands that have been left undone for sometime now. Of course, right after I typed that I noticed it had started snowing again.

You know who loves the snow?


This guy.

We’re off!


We’re home from our errand spree. First, we went to drop off the recycling.


Since it was 24 degrees outside, I let E sit this one out. That and he was asleep, so he wouldn’t have been much help anyway.


Next, we went to the post office to continue the Founders Brewing t-shirt saga (see yesterday’s post).


We got home right around the time that I like to have lunch.

E is still sound asleep in his car seat. Some might call me crazy for using this time to write  instead of making my lunch, but I’ve made my decision and I’ll live with the consequences.

One of the best things about getting Pad Thai (from our Tara Thai lunch date with Grandma yesterday) is that there will almost always be leftovers. Win for me! I get Pad Thai two days in a row. With any luck, E will sleep through it like he did yesterday.

Excellent timing! Just as I was washing my dishes, I heard E start to stir in the next room. It turns out he had become very unhappy that his hat had slipped down over his eyes. Then, once he was fully awake, he realized he was hungry in addition to the hat mishap. This realization was just too much!


Apparently, there are tears now when E cries. Not a lot, but some. Some is more than none. Some makes it harder. Some makes you get that bottle ready as fast as you can. Some causes you to trip and spill your glass of water while frantically trying to warm a bottle. Some is harder than none. That being said, E has been fed, and he is happy again.


He is so happy that we are going to give storytime a go. E and I received a new book in the mail yesterday. Our cousins, K, J, M, and W from GA, keep up with E and I, and they thought we should have the book, Where’s My Cow? by Terry Pratchett.


E and I both agree, they were right! E particularly enjoyed my attempt to make hippo sounds. He also liked my version of Detritus the troll. It was pretty good. What can I say? E and I want to give a big thank you to K, J, M, and W, we enjoyed storytime very much and we know this will be one we read again and again! This author’s other books look interesting too!

He was in such good spirits after storytime, that I figured I’d give tummy time a try. While I know it’s essential, E hates it.


You knew we weren’t going to just sit a round and look at mobiles all day, right? E and I are too wild and crazy, and we like to live too dangerously for that.

The day quickly became very interesting. On our way out to run our afternoon errands, I locked the back door and I  remembered something else I needed to do. I went and did whatever that was; I don’t recall. After that I gathered up all of our stuff, and headed towards the front door. I locked the front door, stepped outside, and realized that I had left my keys in the back door. I turned to go and get them, but I had pulled the front door closed when I stepped out. Crap.

Fortunately for E and me, our neighbor teaches in a county that just happened to not have to go to school today. She was nice enough to take in two sad, stranded, and cold expeditionists. We chatted with our neighbor, AK, while we waited for A to return home.

Within the hour, A was home to save the day.

It’s a little early, but I think that was enough adventure for one day. Just wait until you see what we’re doing tomorrow!

Tonight’s Bottle: Is a can!


If you look closely, you will notice that there were multiple breweries that had a hand in this one.


Maui Brewing Company/Dogfish Head Liquid Breadfruit Collaboration. I haven’t had this before, but it sounds really interesting. Here’s a quote from the Dogfish Head website, “A collaboration with our friends at Maui Brewing Company, Liquid Breadfruit is an Imperial Golden Ale brewed with ‘ulu (local Maui breadfruit) and toasted papaya seeds. This unique beer also utilizes our Delaware Native Ale yeast, captured, then isolated outside a peach farm in Delaware.”

I think it’s awesome that craft breweries are embracing the can!

A final thought: When do babies turn into little tape recorders? We were on our way home, and some guy was tailing me. I had put my turn signal on far enough in advance that this person could have changed lanes or slowed down. However, he just kept on coming. I had some choice word for him, and it got me wondering when E might start repeating some of these things. I hope to figure it out before it’s too late, like at Christmas dinner or something.


8 responses to “D&E Day 14

  1. I didn’t have much reason to worry about my son repeating me until he was three. Three and a half was about the time he started regularly surprising us with the breadth of what he caught.

  2. You DID have some adventures today…recycling and locking yourself out of the house!! What fun! Hate tummy time…still.

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  4. He’s not the only baby who hates tummy time. Our son will tolerate it for a minute or two if we put his crawling turtle toy down to distract him, but we still get only five minutes or so at best out of him.

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