D&E Day 13

Let me start by saying, I know I change tenses a lot when I’m writing these and some of you might find it hard to keep up. However, sometimes I’m writing in the present, sometimes about the past, and sometimes about the future. I try to make it clear. I’m probably doing it wrong, but please bear with me.

E didn’t sleep terribly well, again, last night. Therefore, I didn’t sleep very well last night. I got to see 1:00 am, 3:00  am, and 5:00 am. So many different times!

It’s cold today! I think I’m going to leave E in his toasty looking sleep sack until we go out for his lunch date.


2 months old, and I’m already chaperoning him on lunch dates. We’ll get back to that.

Change of plans. We will be changing, as someone decided to start the day with a 4-way blow out – front, back, and both legs. He’s so talented!


All right, let’s try starting the day again. E helped me with a few chores before falling asleep. I mean, I know this stuff is boring, but come on. I moved the swing to the middle of the house, away from the window, in an attempt to mitigate the draft that E might get while sleeping. Fingers crossed.

Here’s how the morning went:

We put on some chore-doing music, and we were ready to go (today we picked, Ducktails – The Flower Lane which is streaming over at Pitchfork Advance). He helped me put away his laundry (laundry that A folded before going to work this morning – we can’t take all the credit). E kicked most of it on the floor.


We started some more laundry.


Right before I lost him, he helped me clean up the dishes from breakfast.


Now, like I mentioned above. He’s out. While I wait for E to wake up, here’s a fun picture from last night.


My plan backfired. 35 minutes later, and he’s up. I fixed the draft problem, but I forgot to compensate for the sun coming in the other window. Fail.

E’s morning nap was cut short, and he quickly realized he was hungry. I got that bottle together as quickly as I could.

I must say, E’s post-bottle wobbly drunk state is one of my favorite things.

I put E in the big bed while I was getting ready to go out.


Even though sitting on the big bed comes with the hilarious (for me) possibility of falling over, E seems to love it!


Ready for his lunch date!

Who are we meeting for lunch? Grandma and her friend A who is visiting from Indiana!


We met them for lunch at Tara Thai in Short Pump Town Center. Really, you can’t go wrong with Thai food.


E slept through lunch, as he does most things, but I think Grandma tried to steal a nibble for dessert anyway.


After lunch, against my better judgement (I’m weirded out about all this flu craziness), E and I walked around Macy’s for 40 minutes of so.


We weren’t looking for anything in particular, though we we did stop and look at a few things. I looked, E slept.

We went in upstairs which was women’s clothes and cosmetics. I thought that, perhaps, walking around the men’s, children’s, and home furnishings departments might look a little less awkward. Down the elevator we go.


Suits? I think so.


Ties? At some point.

When we got home from our big day out, I noticed something. E has been tracking the dog for a few weeks now, watching him come and go (which Rodie does an absurd amount), but today I noticed that every time E saw Rodie he smiled, giggled, or both. This pleases me.


I think you can see it in this picture.

Anyway, we made it through the day without freezing!

Happy bath day!

Tonight’s Bottle: 2011 Founders Backwoods Bastard.


Founders is, by far, one of my favorite breweries. Tonight’s selection is in honor of the ongoing T-shirt debacle that I’m having with the brewery store right now. Let me start by saying that it’s entirely my fault. They have been very patient, helpful, and friendly in dealing with me. The first shirt came, didn’t fit. Exchange. The second shirt came, didn’t fit. Exchange. The third shirt came yesterday, didn’t fit. The saga continues. I guess I’m just an odd shape. I intended an breaking the cycle with the next shirt, regardless of how well it fits.

Anyway, back to the beer. A perfect beer for a cold night like this. It’s full of roasty and bourbon-y goodness. This beer has so many other little hints of this and that, it would be challenging to elaborate. Here’s the brewery’s description:

“Expect lovely, warm smells of single malt scotch, oaky bourbon barrels, smoke, sweet caramel and roasted malts, a bit of earthy spice, and a scintilla of dark fruit. It’s a kick-back sipper made to excite the palate.”

A final thought: Why is the media harping on the fact that Beyonce lip synced the National Anthem at the Inauguration? I mean, it was frigid outside, rumor has it that she was sick, she was busy with taking over the world, and , most importantly, who cares? Beyonce has an amazing voice, recorded or live, and she can sing better than, well I’m going to say, all of us. The Today show went, maybe in jest (I can’t tell), as far as to call is a scandal. “It’s only three days into President Obama’s second term and there’s already a scandal,” at least I think that was the quote. It’s not just the Today Show. I know I comment a good deal on the Today Show, but it was also NBC Nightly News and every online outlet I’ve seen this morning. Some are going as far as saying this is going to hurt her career. I highly doubt it. Maybe it’s a slow news day?


3 responses to “D&E Day 13

  1. Glad he got a lunch date with his other grandma. This is one happy baby! Did you tell him that I am coming tomorrow??

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