D&E Day 12

All right, just one post today. We’re back to a regular day, no special visitors, no weekends, no traveling. Just a wild and crazy D&E Day!


First, we had to make it through the night. E decided he was going to get up 3 hours early. All right, that’s ok, he’s a baby. We shouldn’t expect every night to be perfect. Why was he smiling and kicking on the changing table? It’s 3 in the morning, and he seemed to have mistaken it for play time. Clearly, I missed the part about 3am being fun. I suppose this is what the doctor meant when he said there was a correllation between sleeping well during the day and sleeping well at night? He did not sleep well during the day yesterday. Normally, he sleeps from his last evening feeding all the way to 5:30, but last night, no dice. I assume he is still recovering from our weekend expedition.

Back to the present.

E is up, fed, and dressed.


We went with a nice toasty dinosaur suit. I picked out his outfit today since it’s going to barely break 30 degrees. It must be nice and warm, as E didn’t have any trouble going down for his morning nap.

I’m going to see if there is any work stuff to be done. I’ll be back slightly later than it is right now.

Slightly later:

E is still napping, but I’m working on getting something together for us to do later. While he’s asleep, there’s something, errr..someone, that’s been worrying me. His name is Rodie. He’s fine with E. He usually doesn’t pay E any mind, but he seems really withdrawn and depressed.



This is what he’s been doing most days. A and I are both worried about him. Does anyone have any suggestions? We are trying to give him as much attention as we used to, but as anyone who had a dog first and a baby second knows, it’s hard. My other thought is that he’s an old man now, and he just wants to lounge around all day. I don’t know. He’s a good boy.

E’s awake!


I hope he doesn’t ask to eat. I’d like to make it to 10, but E is sucking on my shirt sleeve and I’m not thinking we’re going to make it.

I made up his bottle and we sat and listened to Buke and Gase – General Dome on NPR First Listen while he chugged away on his bottle.

I bundled E up and we went out to run some errands. It wasn’t anything noteworthy. Really, I just wanted a salad. He was out as soon as I put him in the car, and he looked exactly the same when we returned home.


I ate my lunch while E continued to sleep. That last bottle must have been a good one.

45 minutes later, E is finally waking up.


I like that no matter how upset he is, his mismatched animal mobile always makes him happy.


See what I mean about the dog.


It’s time for another feeding. After that, we’re off to somewhere fun and exciting!

The Science Museum of Virginia!

We learned about all sorts of fun and interesting things!



I don’t recall, but I think this exhibit had to do with nature.


This was E’s favorite part. Everytime he heard the owl sounds, he started giggling.

We learned about electric current.


Since we didn’t have an official “storytime” today, I read to E all about the James River Ecosystem. He was thrilled! Can’t you tell?


Next, we went to outer space! First stop, the moon.


Next stop, a space station.


Finally, back on Earth, Friendship 7.


Before we left, we looked in a funny mirror.


The best part of all is that we got to visit Uncle A. I think this was actually E’s favorite part.


After the Science Museum, E and I made a quick stop by Deep Groove to both sell and buy some records. Today, we picked up Follakzoid – II. After that, it was home for dinner #1.

What a busy day!

E and I saw 4 accidents while we were out and about today. What’s up with that? Was everyone late for something today?

Tonight’s bottle: Williamsburg AleWerks Bourbon Barrel Porter.


I just had my first sip, and I can tell it’s going to have a big bourbon flavor. Quite enjoyable!

A final thought: I was worried that in yesterday’s final thought I had used “their” instead of “they’re.” I jumped out of bed and checked it first thing this morning. Turns out I didn’t use either. I used “they are.” Incorrectly using,”their, there, they’re,” is one of my biggest pet peeves, so I go to great lengths to avoid doing it myself. Comma splices are another one. However, you can read my posts and see that they’re a problem for me. Additionally, I think I’ve been writing storytime as two words, but I’m thinking it’s one. I’ll try to do better.


6 responses to “D&E Day 12

  1. Science Museum! E’s going to be so smart! I love the first picture! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, dad. What a pair you are!

  2. P.S. How about a piece of BACON every morning for Rodie? Then he would REALLY know that someone other than Grandma loves him. 🙂

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