D&E Day 11

It’s Monday again!

Monday, Monday, Monday!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Happy Inauguration Day!

Also, if you live in this part of the country, Virginia, some folks have, no doubt, carried their Lee-Jackson Day celebrations over from Friday, so woo hoo for them too, I guess!

E slept for 6 hours last night, which is great, but it means that I’m up. 6 hours from his last evening feeding, unfortunately, hits right around the time that I normally get up for work. So here I am, awake, and typing this all out for you fine folks to read. E went back to sleep and A is home with us today, so I’m trying to get through the little bit of work-related goodness I have to take care of on Mondays before E and A come to visit me.

A little bit of work, for some reason, quickly turned into a lot. I hope next Monday is a little more like regular Mondays.

E seems to have emerged from his morning nap, awake and ready to watch/listen to the Inauguration.


Or, perhaps I’m wrong? It now appears that he’s drifting off again. Or is he? He really keeps you guessing. Now he’s chewing on his clothes. Looks like things are shaping up to be pretty status quo today!

E wiggled around on the play mat for a bit.


His wiggling was followed by some tummy time. E’s favorite!


I suppose I would be upset too if someone, knowing that I couldn’t lift myself up, put me on the floor, on my face, and just watched as I struggled to roll over. I’d be pissed.

Rodie was very concerned by all the noise, so he came to check things out.


We had some trouble getting E to settle down after his tummy time, so A took him around the house while singing about what she saw.


A took E outside and walked him around a little, but in the end all of that fussing was just because he was hungry. Go figure.

He’s eating now, so I will do the same.

After we had lunch E, A, and I watched President Obama give his Inaugural Address.


E’s time awake was very short-lived, so now, having completed number 1 in E’s hierarchy of favorite times (see Weekend Recap), it’s time for number 2. Also, very short-lived. E was suddenly very upset. We later discovered (not that much later, as it wasn’t hard to notice) that it was the result of a different number 2.

A went out to lunch with her friend J, and E and I were left at home with Rodie. Rodie, who decided to spend the rest of his day on the porch, in the sun.


Since Rodie wasn’t paying attention, E and I played with scissors, poked things into the electrical outlets, and we got one of the burners on the stove really hot and put our hands on it to see who could last the longest. E won. The things the boys will do when A is away.

None of that really happened, of course. A left and we had story time, number 5 in the hierarchy. We started with Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior (it was on the table – all of E’s books were in his room). E wasn’t a fan.


That was a bust. We decided we would give, Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type another go. We did it this time! E loved it. He found it particularly entertaining when the cows, hens, and ducks stood up to that mean old farmer. Damn the man!


After story time, we put on some music, The Fiery Furnaces, and danced around the living room. E, without trying too hard, had resumed the nap he had started earlier.


10 minutes later, he’s awake.

E spit up all over me.

A came home from lunch and we went for a walk. It’s a bit on the chilly side today, so we bundled E up in multiple layers and blankets and we set out around the neighborhood. He’s in there somewhere – I’m almost certain.


We’re home now. I think we needed to get out of the house, and I know I needed some exercise. E’s having dinner #1, and all is well. I hope tomorrow can go as smoothly as today did.

Tonight’s Bottle: Dogfish Head 60 Min.


60 Min. was a go to beer of mine for a long time. While I still enjoy it, I’m fairly certain that I had my first one prior to my 21st birthday. Needless to say, I often opt for other things these days in an effort to broaden my beer horizons. That being said, this is a great east coast IPA. The hops are very present, but the flavor profile is very different than a west coast IPA. I spent all of last week drinking big, rich beers, and I wanted something light to start off the week.

A Final Thought: Why do many baby wipes smell just as bad as what they are used to clean up? It just seems counterproductive.


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  1. I sent to Betsy.

    Hope that is okay. She can use some happy faces right now.

    Elizabeth Chenery
    University of Richmond
    Director, Events, Conferences and Support Services Physical Plant Building
    Desk 804.289.8959 Mobile 804.349.5702
    P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail
    CERTIFIED GREEN OFFICE Pilot Office-Silver Level

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