D&E Day 11 Bonus Features (Weekend Recap)

I apologize for cutting Friday short, but we just had so much going on that I couldn’t possibly do everything. We were already planning on going north this weekend to celebrate  Uncle W:


and Aunt L’s:


birthday (Uncle W and Aunt L are twins – therefore, a singular birthday). However, since A had a snow day on Friday, and we didn’t really have any plans, we decided to pack it up and head north a day early.


That’s a picture of us deciding to pack it up and go early, can’t you tell? Traveling with the dog and E has turned packing the car from a relatively simple exercise in travel to an advanced game of Tetris when you’ve only got one line left, and you’re doing everything you can to make each piece work, even if it’s not perfect. After we defeated the game, we were on the road. We arrived to find  Grandma and Grandpa eagerly awaiting E’s arrival, though I’m sure they were happy to see A and me too.


After some playtime and a feeding or two, it was storytime! Storytime is one of E’s favorite times. Hierarchy of favorite times:

1. Feeding

2. Sleeping

3. Play

4. Singing/Story (too close to call)

The neat thing about story time at Grandma and Grandpa’s house is that you have two people reading the story to you!


I seem to have forgotten the name of the book, but I do recall Grandpa making a lot of train noises. After story time, Ms. C came over for dinner and a visit.


Saturday, was even more busy and exciting than Friday. E and I got up early so A could sleep. We went downstairs and E went back to sleep, but that seemed to be a bit of a challenge for me. I stayed up and made a little more progress on Oh Myyy! There Goes the InternetWhen E resurfaced, we got down on the floor for some play time, number 3 in the hierarchy of favorite times.


A came down and saw how much fun E and I were having and she joined in too.


E must have played too hard, as he quickly found his way back to number 2 in the hierarchy.


That afternoon, I took a nap while E went with A, Grandma, and Grandpa for a walk along the  river.


Grandma and Grandpa thought they were funny…


…because they were loitering. Get it?

I guess they just left him? Did anyone find a baby down by the river?


Everyone came home, and Uncle W and S and Aunt L came to celebrate their birthday (remember above, twins, singular birthday).



Saturday night, we went out to dinner at La Petite Auberge for a grand birthday celebration! Not only were we joined by everyone previously mentioned in this post, but E’s great-grandmother (GG) came to dinner too. The food was wonderful, the wine was wonderful, and the beer was perfect (I had some very nice Gulden Draak). I think E enjoyed his first dining out experience. He dressed up and everything!


He slept the entire time we were there; he was perfect. After dinner we went home for cake and presents, and E got chased by a bear through the woods! Oh my!


Thank you Ms. C for the lovely quilt! I know it will be splendid whether it is being used to warm the boy or to garnish his room.

Sunday started with a lazy morning followed by a lazy afternoon. Grandpa and I mastered another Tetris-like car packing and we headed home.

Sunday afternoon, E visited another one of his Grandmas (we’ll get to meet this one later this week) – he has so many (it’s a good thing)! You can never have too many is what I tell him. A and I ran a few errands and then we were home for good. This pretty much sums up the weekend:


Fast forward.


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