D&E Day 9

Happy 2 month birthday E! I wish it didn’t, still, look like this outside:


We have a special 2 month field trip coming up in a bit, but first we have to get ready. Since it worked yesterday, I, once again, tested my spit up theory (see yesterday’s post). I let E pick out his outfit for the day.


He decided to go with dinosaurs. Classic.


We were doing so well, and suddenly, in an instant, my theory in infant logic was squashed.


E is having a swing while I finish up some morning work stuff. It’s only a matter of minutes before we are out the door for our field trip!

Where are we going? Where is the best place in the whole world to go for your 2 month birthday?

The doctor! For shots and a check-up!

I told him we were going to get some shots, but I don’t think he knew what I was talking about.


I think it looks more like he thinks we’re going to the bar for some shots. I suppose I could have told him we were going to the doctor for some shots, but he just looks so happy.

Here’s E waiting for me to get him ready to be weighed and measured.


He’s taking it all in.

Here’s E post-examination:


Here’s E once I got him calmed down after his 5 shots:


Finally, here are the meaty little thighs they stuck the needles into:


the other meaty little thigh:


In summary, E is great! He’s 26 1/4″ long and 15 pounds. He’s off the chart for length and head circumference, and just shy of being off the chart for weight. Good work by all!

He just ate and he’s a little fussy. I think it may be in part that his nap has been interrupted twice and he’s tired, but he did also get 5 shots this morning. I think, and I’m certain E would agree, that today should be a lazy day. We’ll see how that goes, as we, once again, have some special visitors today!

The guys are coming today to do out annual crawlspace inspection. We had our crawlspace finished some time ago, and I have been very lazy about scheduling our inspection. I’m kind of wishing that I hadn’t missed it because the pump doesn’t sound like it’s been working properly, and it would have been nice to have been certain prior to this weather. Better late than never, I guess.

E doesn’t seem to want to nap. I don’t know why? I know I would want to nap if I had experienced the traumatic morning that he did.

I spoke too soon. Now that the dog is frantically barking and the guys are banging around under the house, E has decided that now is the time to sleep. Good for him. Good for me too. I think whenever E comes to we’ll take another stab at reading Click, Clack, Moo : Cows That Type. For now, the house is begging to be cleaned, so I must oblige.


This is a good picture. It illustrates both that E is napping, and that the house is a mess. A, I’m guessing, would not want me to use this picture, but it’s just so comprehensive. I must use it. A, if you’re reading, I’m sorry.

We’re almost out of almond milk. I think once the crawlspace guys leave, E and I are going to go to the grocery store. Sadly, I think that will have to be our outing today, but that may be for the best.

E is awake (A, if you’re reading this, 10 minutes has elapsed since I made the comment that I was going to clean the house), and he doesn’t appear to be terribly pleased about this new development.


We returned from our quick trip to the store to the sound of the drain alarm under the house. This thing is high-pitched, piercing, and just plain annoying. I know how to stop it, but I was faced with what to do with E. It got louder the closer to the house we got, and E just started screaming. What to do, what to do? I told the guy not to put it back in. I told him that with it raining like it was it would just be a matter of minutes before it was going off. He said he had to, as it was part of the service. Sure enough, I was right. Why won’t they all stop screaming?!


All right, I’m back from my breakdown. A is home, the alarm has stopped (because I went under the house and made it stop), and E seems to be feeling better. He must have not been feeling well. All he wanted was to be held and rocked, which is how I spent the last three hours.


He fell asleep at some point. I don’t blame him. It looks like the typing cows will have to wait just a little longer.

Tonight’s Bottle: Stone Enjoy By 2.15.13. I haven’t had this one yet, but it’s a Double India Pale Ale brewed with the intention that the drinker consume it immediately – very fresh! Beyond that, I don’t know anything. I can only assume it was brewed in the hoppy Stone fashion.


A Final Thought: I have nothing. There is nothing in my head right now. This means that I had a final thought some time ago, but I don’t remember. I suppose this is a side effect of parenthood. Check back tomorrow when my brain has rebooted and is back up and running.


10 responses to “D&E Day 9

  1. My poor darling baby boy! It breaks my heart to see the pictures of where he got his FIVE shots! That is so barbaric! You were a strong, brave dad…and you deserve to have no thoughts in your head and TWO beers! What a day!!

  2. The first thing I thought when seeing the pictures was “wow tall baby.” I thought my little boy was big, but it looks like your son is a good inch taller than he is. It’s always hard to watch them get the shots, even if it is necessary. My son had his last week, and I think he dealt with it all better than I did. I’m hoping the grumpiness he’s had ever since then will wear off soon.

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