D&E Day 5

Seriously, what’s up with Matt Lauer? It’s like he’s some sort of superhero with those glasses. Anyway, I rescheduled my missed dentist appointment for this morning, but when I woke up this morning, my jaw was so tight and sore from holding it open for 2 hours yesterday that I, promptly, canceled/rescheduled my appointment. Moving on.


Awful picture, sorry. Since E was so lively this morning, I decided that this was the perfect time to read him a story. If you recall, earlier this week we tried reading some Mother Goose and he cried through the whole thing. It was out, so I decided to give it another go.


Humpty Dumpty: E found Humpty’s misfortune quite humorous. He really enjoyed that the king’s horses and men, all of them mind you, couldn’t find a solution to remedy the situation.

Hickety Pickety: He didn’t seem to have any interest in this hen or her gentlemen callers.

Little Jack Horner: He seemed to be very happy for Little Jack Horner and his life-affirming plum. E seemed to think he was a good boy too when I lifted his arms up in celebration at the end.

Davy Davy Dumpling: This one worried him a bit. If you are 8 weeks old, you might think that Davy Davy Dumpling is a little boy or girl, like you are. You probably don’t know that dumplings are food, and you probably can’t deduce that from the picture in the book just yet. Why did Ms. Goose decide to personify dumplings? It is potentially terrifying.

Little Jumping Joan: E laughed at her misfortune. Should I be worried?

Blow, WInd, Blow!: I explained to E how superior freshly baked bread is to store bought. He seemed to understand.

Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son: E giggled at the idea of stealing a pig. Then he started getting fussy, and I knew our reading time was over.

I don’t know what to think.


Here’s something else I don’t know what to think about – our 8 week old son is now wearing 6 mo. clothes. I went through 4 3 mo. and 3-6 mo. outfits before giving up. They were all too short for this long (closing on 30″) boy. I think I might be looking up to him one day, and I don’t look up to many people. The length is spot on with the 6 mo. clothes (there are still a few 3 and 3-6 mo. that fit him, but they are few and far between), but he isn’t even close to filling them out. I suppose he’ll even out.

Nap time!

Due to some impending precipitation, E and I went for our walk this morning instead of this afternoon.


This is the first time E has managed to stay awake for our entire walk. Given the time of day and his mild, but steady, protest, I’d say it had something to do with being hungry. He was giving me his “you had better get me home soon and feed me” face the entire time.


When we returned home, we discovered that we had once again been outsmarted by one clever and mysterious dog.


In an effort to get the dog to show himself, I didn’t immediately free him from his self-imposed prison cell. However, he didn’t show himself, he took a nap. I thought, “what will get him good and riled up?” Ring the doorbell! He got so mad, and it looked like he might make a break for it, but he couldn’t. Apparently, he’s been jumping over the coffee table. This is new. He tried to make the leap to get out, but he didn’t have enough room. To keep from angering PETA, Sarah  McLachlan, or the ASPCA, I let him go after he demonstrated his secret. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to prevent him from doing that.

Anyway, once I felt a little more at peace about constantly being outsmarted by a dog, E had a bottle and we listened to the new album from Yo La Tengo  on Pitchfork Advance. I think it’s great, and E seems ok with it (the Yo La Tengo album, he’s clearly ok with the bottle) too.

Next up, play mat time. However, Rodie wanted to join in today.


Then E played kickball.


Then E fell over. He was not happy.


After that, I helped him the rest of the way over for some tummy time. He’s not a fan, but he’s getting stronger each time!


I just looked out the window. Sure enough, it’s raining. This is a good time for lunch and a nap. E is one step ahead of me.

E woke up screaming. Hungry. I fed him. Still screaming. I fed him again. Back to sleep.


Baby gates in front of the couch! That’s how we’ll do it (the dog – see above)!

Anyway, it was a lazy rainy day. We didn’t do much beyond lunch, but at the end of the day E is happy and that’s what matters, I suppose.


I managed to keep E satiated until A got home, but, now, he’s eating again. He’s a hungry boy.

Tonight’s bottle:

Hardywood Sidamo Coffee Stout. This beer is wonderful — built on a tasty Russian Imperial Stout — blended with locally roasted coffee from Lamplighter Roasting Company.


Final Thought: Holy crap, bring on the weekend!


4 responses to “D&E Day 5

  1. I love Davy Davy Dumpling! I think it is perfectly normal to want to eat the baby up.
    Poor Rodie…he ought to start his own blog….25 ways to get to the sofa once daddy is gone…
    You’re a wonderful dad. Elliott is so lucky. (But it’s ok if you need a day off…I’m available!)

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