D&E Day 2


Wow. In low light, iPhone photos become even worse. Either way, that’s how we’re documenting our exploits.

So, Day 2 started at 2:00 this morning. Yes, it’s true, A was still here, but as this encounter was specifically between E and me, I decided to include it. It really wasn’t anything that any other parent hasn’t gotten to deal with, but I found it to be remarkable, clearly. E was hungry and making it well known. I’m certain he was saying something about how we never feed him and he just knew he was never going to eat again. I could tell, with multiple senses, that he needed to be changed, so we headed to the changing table. Once I made it through his 12 layers of clothing (it’s cold in our house), we got down to business. Somewhere between the time that I finished cleaning E up and affixing the second tab on his diaper, he decided that he wasn’t going to have anymore of it. He started kicking uncontrollably. Not regular sharp kicking, but this drunk, octopus kicking. It was even floppier and more difficult to track than regular kicking. So, it’s 2:00 in the morning, my eyes are half open, and I’m trying to redress a drunken octopus with 12 layers, in the dark, and just as I was about to zip up the last layer, that delightful yellow line on the diaper turned blue. Needless to say, we had to do the damn thing all over again, E got fed, and we all went back to sleep.


Now we’re awake! I don’t know if I can describe this one so here’s a video:

Nope. No video, WordPress doesn’t like my videos. Sorry.

I’ve never understood the combination of animals on E’s mobile: a giraffe, a bee, an alligator, and an elephant. Ok, so I get the giraffe and the elephant, assuming it’s an African elephant. Alligators, however, seem to only be native to the United States and China. So, then back to the elephant. Is it an Asian elephant? Let’s keep going, maybe the bee will help us. Nope. So, are they “African safari animals,” or are they just a grouping of random animals? Who knows? We’ll need more information. I suppose if it were a crocodile…?

Back to E. We’re dressed for the day, barely. This little guy isn’t so little anymore. We went through 4 outfits before we stumbled upon one that fit his long legs. He is definitely one size around and a completely different size long. I don’t know where he gets that?

Next, we read, Dancing With Degas, and then it was nap time.


Swinging = blurry.

Here we go: feeding #1. It seems that all I have to do to keep the peace is feed this boy. Today, E is going to go and visit Ms. C (she was my supervisor for 5 years and she retired at the end of 2012, so she’s available) while I go to lunch with my office. We were supposed to have had a staff retreat on Friday, while I was still working, but they moved it to today, not working.


I dropped E off with Ms. C, asleep in his car seat, and I drove to Short Pump for lunch at Kanpai. It was standard Japanese steakhouse fare with standard Japanese steakhouse flair. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, just not great.


I departed my coworkers, once again, and drove back to pick E up. Apparently, he looked at the Christmas tree lights, the flickering fire, and his feet with amazement. How awesome it must be to be that easily amused.

When we returned home, we found Rodie in an unfortunate position. He had managed to get himself trapped after sneaking past the baby gates to get on the couch (the couch that he knows he isn’t supposed to be on). I let him sit there and think about it for a few minutes while I prepared a bottle for E. I know it didn’t do anything, but I liked thinking that it might have.


Feeding # 2. E made short work of that bottle.

Now he’s dressed and ready to head downtown.


Where is he going you might ask?


Deep Groove! E’s first trip to the record store was a good one! First, we met Chris. Chris works at Deep Groove and he is my unofficial cohort in the record trade. Sometimes he gives me money for my records, but more often than not, he lets me give him money.


Today E and I picked up a copy of the 2012 Beatles Revolver vinyl remaster/reissue.


After that, we took a little walk down Robinson St. and took in the cocktail of sights and smells that the fan has to offer.


Then we piled in the car, stopped by the credit union, and got home just behind A.

Then I prepared my bottle — Chimay Cinq Cents, a delicious Trappist Tripel.


A good New York TImes article about those Belgian brewing monks.

A final thought, feet are awesome (apparently)!


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