Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace

Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace

I picked this beer up as a case study for the Saison/Farmhouse style, as I am considering brewing up a batch of that particular style at home (yes, perhaps picking one up that was actually from Belgium may have been a better way to go). However, I wasn’t only looking at the style in a traditional sense, but I was also curious about the much talked about Sorachi Ace hops. This beer is available in 1 Pt and 9.4 oz. bottles and I believe it is also available on draft. I purchased my bottle for roughly $13.00. This beer is seasonal, so buy it when you can. I poured into a 16 oz. Stone Brewery IPA specialty glass. This beer pours golden and slightly hazy as a result of the bottle fermentation process. The yeast also provided the standard Saison spiciness, pepper most notably. Not only did the yeast come through in the aroma, but the citrus and lemongrass qualities of the Sorachi Ace hops also show up distinctly on the nose. The flavor profile illustrates the textbook definition of the style, Belgian yeast spiciness, pepper, some clove, and again, the citrus backbone of the Sorachi Ace hops. The flavor is complimented nicely by a medium body and a very pleasant mouthfeel. The bottle fermentation process creates a soft, but very present carbonation, and an effervescence that almost tickles your nose with the upturn of your glass. The 7.6 % ABV doesn’t weigh this beer down, but rather it contributes to the overall composition of the beer. This is the perfect beer for enjoying on a nice early fall evening on your porch as the sun goes down, or in the heat of the summer after working in the yard. The brewery says that this beer tastes like “sunshine in a glass,” and I don’t feel that this observation is far off.


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